Interpreting Dreams

In the wee hours of the morning my daughter came running out of her room, crying and visibly shaken by a dream. She said that “a witch turned into a witch,” and that her daddy Joel and I turned into starfish.

Alrighty, then, my dear child. What an imagination!

But while we’re on the topic of dreams, I’m feeling called to share a few thoughts about a very recent one I had. While I don’t believe every dream has a powerful spiritual message to uncover, my daughter’s one case in point, I do believe God can and does speak to us through our dreams. After all, divine messages are revealed through dreams time and again throughout salvation history.

The other night I had a crazy dream, one where I’m positive God was speaking. I don’t remember all the details, but the ones I do remember are quite vivid. The dream took place inside my home, we had more children (I think maybe four?), joy and happiness abounded, and the letter/number combination of “20+C+M+B+13” was a key theme. 

Do those numbers and letters look familiar? Did you inscribe them at the top of your door last weekend as part of the Epiphany House Blessing? The numbers represent the current year and the letters either represent the initials of the Magi or the Latin phrase Christus mansionem benedicat — Christ bless this house.

Epiphany House Blessing

Home, kids, joy, 2013. Hmmm.

As I’ve continued reflecting on the dream, I know God is reaching out, to tell me that He will bless our home and family abundantly if I just let go. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you know that Joel and I have twice suffered miscarriage. I’ve spent much time (often rather frustratingly so) charting my cycle and working with a NaPro-trained doc to get to the heart of my fertility issues. I’ve supplemented with natural hormones to achieve and sustain pregnancy — those made me crazy. I really really don’t want to go there again. We also hopped on this marriage and parenthood ride a little later in life — Joel much later than I (jab, jab). To paraphrase Joel, we ain’t in this for grandkids.

To get to the heart of all this rambling, we desire to have a larger family. How and if that desire unfolds will most likely take twists and turns yet to be revealed. But the dream serves as a powerful call. Just as the Magi traveled to Bethlehem to adore the Lord and open their treasures to the Child Jesus, I, too, am called to do the same. Well, maybe not to travel to Bethlehem (at least I don’t think!), but to adore Christ, to manifest Him within our home, and to freely be open to the treasures I might be able to offer back. And by doing so, God will bless our home. “20+C+M+B+13.” I am consoled and encouraged.  We shall see what 2013 brings. Pray for us?

Question: Has God spoke to you through a dream? Were you consoled, encouraged, or challenged? I would love to hear about it and pray for you. You can leave a comment by clicking here

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  1. Sybil Sullivan says

    Praying for your beautiful family and that 2013 brings fruitful blessings to you all! Hope your dream comes true!

  2. Theresa says

    One month after my dad died, I had a very vivid dream in which I saw his face and he had a radiant smile and it was so bright and colorful all around his face. I felt that he was telling me he was OK and doing fine. That was it.

  3. Kara says

    Love this! Twice in the past year I dreamed that two different friends were pregnant. In the first dream, my friend wasn’t showing at all but KNEW it was a girl. When I told her about my dream, she confessed she was eight weeks along and that I was the THIRD person that week who had dreamed she was pregnant. It turns out that she also had a girl! The second dream was of a friend struggling with infertility, so I refrained from contacting her in case it wasn’t true — I didn’t want to cause more heartache. A few weeks later she posted on Facebook that she was 15 weeks along! It turns out her best friend also had a dream that she was pregnant! There’s definitely something to this dream and babies thing. We’ll be praying for you!

    • says

      Oh wow! I’m going to buy you a technicolor dreamcoat and call you Joseph! :)

      Have you ever taken the charisms inventory through the St. Catherine of Siena Institute? Maybe this is discernment of spirits?

  4. says

    My saint of the year (using Jen Fulwiler’s Saint’s Name Generator) is John Bosco, and I’ve learned that his dreams, one in particular when he was a child, were crucial to God’s calling of him to a vocation of working with street children. In fact, the Pope told him that he needed to take his dreams more seriously!

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