1. Sybil Sullivan

    Praying for your beautiful family and that 2013 brings fruitful blessings to you all! Hope your dream comes true!

  2. Theresa

    One month after my dad died, I had a very vivid dream in which I saw his face and he had a radiant smile and it was so bright and colorful all around his face. I felt that he was telling me he was OK and doing fine. That was it.

  3. Kara

    Love this! Twice in the past year I dreamed that two different friends were pregnant. In the first dream, my friend wasn’t showing at all but KNEW it was a girl. When I told her about my dream, she confessed she was eight weeks along and that I was the THIRD person that week who had dreamed she was pregnant. It turns out that she also had a girl! The second dream was of a friend struggling with infertility, so I refrained from contacting her in case it wasn’t true — I didn’t want to cause more heartache. A few weeks later she posted on Facebook that she was 15 weeks along! It turns out her best friend also had a dream that she was pregnant! There’s definitely something to this dream and babies thing. We’ll be praying for you!

    • Oh wow! I’m going to buy you a technicolor dreamcoat and call you Joseph! :)

      Have you ever taken the charisms inventory through the St. Catherine of Siena Institute? Maybe this is discernment of spirits?

  4. My saint of the year (using Jen Fulwiler’s Saint’s Name Generator) is John Bosco, and I’ve learned that his dreams, one in particular when he was a child, were crucial to God’s calling of him to a vocation of working with street children. In fact, the Pope told him that he needed to take his dreams more seriously!

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