Biking for Babies on EWTN — TONIGHT!

biking-for-babies-photoPassing along a note from Jimmy Becker, our friend, brother in Christ, co-founder of Biking For Babies, and now … a Catholic TV celebrity. We knew you had it in you, buddy! (Note below is edited slightly for formatting purposes.)

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Dear Family and Friends,

God bless you and your family!  I pray this email fills your heart with joy and brings an enormous smile to your face.


As some of you are aware, Mike Schaefer and I were recently interviewed on EWTN’s Life on the RockThe experience was amazing!  I kid you not, it was a second retreat for me.  Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to share with you more of the details. For now, as you know: God is very gracious!  AMEN

The show will air Thursday night at 9 PM central on EWTN.

If you don’t have access to cable, there are a couple viewing options: you can find an audio archive of the show here, or you can find a clip of the episode on YouTube.  

Please invite your families, friends, co-workers, companions, and random passer-bys to watch the episode. It is a beautiful pro-life special with a great message.

In addition to Biking for Babies, EWTN hosted a representative from the organization Live Action and a couple women from Her Choice, a pregnancy center in Alabama. We exchanged contact information with the Director after the show and added them to our charities, and offering up prayers and sacrifices from them for this year’s ride.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for all of your sacrifices and prayers. God is good – All the time! 

It’s going to be an exciting year ahead. We currently have 10 bikers and are working on recruiting a few more.  We also have 8 support crew members that will be riding in the van! Please pray that more young men and women will respond generously to the invitation to get involved.

You are amazing, I love you, I miss you and I look forward to see you soon! For some, it has been far too long.  For others, I still miss you all the same. Persevere and please know of my prayers. God loves you. Keep smiling! 

Brother in Christ and fellow soldier on the field of battle,


Jimmy founded Biking for Babies with Mike Schaefer in 2009 while both were coeds at the University of Illinois.

Biking for Babies organizes, promotes, and completes an annual bicycle trip in order to increase awareness of human rights and dignity. This spring, Biking for Babies will attempt to complete its fourth annual long distance bike ride, beginning in New Orleans and finishing in Chicago, a 1,100- mile journey. JImmy, Mike and their fellow cyclists ride between 90 and 190 miles each day, and along their journey, stay with host parishes and present talks on the dignity of life. 

As Jimmy says, “In the year I was born, over 1.5 million babies were killed by abortion in just the United States alone. How many of those could have been our classmates? Our teammates? Our friends? We’re riding for the 1.5 million that aren’t here to ride with us.”

Head on over to to check out a whole bunch of stuff, including documentary videos, donation forms, information on the pro-life charities, etc., etc., etc. And bookmark the site because once the ride begins later this spring, updates on their journey will be added daily.

It’s been said that our generation will be remembered for what we did or did not do to combat abortion.

What will your grandchildren say about your efforts?


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    Thanks for sharing about this endeavor; what a great idea. I found your blog via the message about the event on 2/2 and I’m so glad I did! I’m looking forward to hearing your talk and getting to chat with you a little bit beforehand at the bloggers event.

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