Why I Love My Husband (Vol. 2)

Today is Jude Leonard’s first birthday. Happy birthday big guy! Given he walks, tackles, and wrestles already, I’m grateful that his sweet disposition still shines through. Maybe he’ll also be inclined to start hugging his little friends after he takes them down.

Jude on his birthday in the Church last April

Jude, last April, on his birthday in the Church

Throughout the week Jude’s proud big sis Lucy and I strategized how to celebrate his special day, and we found this monkey cake pan available to rent from the public library. Who knew they had such a large collection of Wilton cake forms available to rent from their circulation? Very cool!

Bound and determined to master this project, I collected all the necessary ingredients and supplies throughout the week. Now picture me singing this pep talk all week, “E-A-S-Y! Monkey cake pan no big whoop. It’s easy. Hey, hey, it’s easy!” (It rhymes it my head; leave me alone.)

But who are we kidding, really? Cake decorating is not in the sweet spot of my Suzy Homemaker charism. It’s a fussy painstaking process that requires a fair amount of patience.

Patience?! You wanna talk about patience?!

{Cue Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora’s famous “play-offs?!” video feed}

So why do I really, really love my husband today? For not being afraid to tackle this project, for staying up well past his bedtime, for lovingly and patiently preparing this party primate. Remember, this is the guy who also lovingly prepared all the cheesecakes for our wedding reception. Some sweet charism he has!

Wilton Monkey Cake

As Lucy and I ooh’d and awe’d over the cake this morning I said to her, “Isn’t Dad amazing?”And Lucy’s response? “Yeah … but you’re amazing too, Mom!”

Up next at The Practicing Catholic: Why I Love My Daughter, Volume 1.

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  1. Amanda Underhill says

    Amazing job as always guys!!Hope you had fun monkeying around yesterday:) Wish we could have been there!!Birthday hugs to Jude!!

  2. Andrew says

    Wow, a year already. What a blessing he is and I thank God for him. Thanks to you and Joel and little Lucy for letting me visit y’all that day in the hospital. The experience served as a great contrast to another part of life at that time. My prayers (though never enough) continue for the Schmidt family. Hope to see y’all soon.

    Pax Christi

    • says

      Hey Andrew! You know, we could say the same about our prayers for you. Some “adopted family” we’ve been lately. If you are sticking around MN the week of our spring break, maybe we can come visit you? Let’s chat about that! But please give us a buzz next time you are in town – dinner is on us at our house. Our dining table is itching for some food and fellowship, too!

  3. Andrew says

    That would be wonderful. Ours is combined with Holy Week, so I will be home from about March 22 to April 1. If they overlap then I will try to see you then. If they don’t, let me know so I can properly plan for you. The e-mail address to use is the one I use to make these posts. Regards to Joel and the kids.

    Pax Christi


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