“Why I Love My Wife” St. Valentine’s Day Link-Up Event

Got a wife? Tell the world how awesome she is!

Join the St. Valentine's Day 2013 link-up event.

Join the St. Valentine’s Day 2013 link-up event.

My wife rocks, and I bet yours does, too. Let’s get together and make some noise! Announcing our St. Valentine’s Day 2013 “Why I Love My Wife” link-up event. Join me in rejecting a culture of locker-room talk that objectifies and degrades the women we love. Instead, let’s proclaim the Divine Gifts that they are to us.

Here’s how it works:

  1. This Thursday, February 14, 2013, I will publish my “Why I Love My Wife” post at midnight.
  2. Got a blog? Good, it doesn’t even have to be Catholic. Just write your own “Why I Love My Wife” post and link it up. At the end of my post, there will be a button that will allow you link yours; the link-up will be open all day long. Feel free to leave a comment, too.
  3. On St. Valentine’s Day, tweet it up using the hashtag #WhyILoveMyWife.
  4. Guidelines for posting? None, except to keep it respectful and honorable.
  5. It’s not required, but you may download the “Why I Love My Wife” badge (resize as necessary) and link back here from your post.
  6. Don’t have a blog? No problem; you can still leave a comment gushing about the awesomeness of your beautiful bride.

Over at the blog More Like Mary – More Like Me, Kaitlin Alfermann began a series called “Why I Love My Husband”. Lisa has participated twice so far, so I figure it’s time to give back. I can’t explain how humbling it is to wake up in the morning to discover that Lisa has written a “Why I Love My Husband” post.

Shouldn’t we all love our spouses enough that we want to proclaim it from the top of the highest mountain? Here’s the next best thing. Join me in giving our wives the praise, thanksgiving, and adulation they deserve. Strengthen your marriage by building up your wife. The gushing begins in just three days.

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  1. says

    Well, well, well. You two lovebirds have thrown down the gauntlet haven’t you? We have a few years on you and our ‘pot’ sits on the back burner simmering. Not.boiling. Not.flaming. Simmering. The other night I said to Dee that at least once a day, I wanted to touch or hug or stop and communicate that the relationship that we have is still the most important. The most meaningful of anything other than the spiritual realm. I can truly say that God hand-picked Dee for me and for our marriage. No other woman — none would have been as perfectly suited to the life we’ve lived. How could anything be closer to human perfection than living life with the woman that God ordained and suggested. Thanks Joel and Lisa.


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