1. Andrew

    One idea, which is perhaps one of the hardest to follow because of the anonymity that can be had on the internet, is to not do online what we wouldn’t do while offline. We’re called to exemplify holiness in all aspects of our lives, so if we’re too tempted to act otherwise online then we shouldn’t bother to log on. Another idea is to note how easy and quick it is for someone to use just one or a couple other websites to find out more information about an individual who’s Facebook profile is even only partially filled out (the moral of the story being: protect yourself, family, and friends).

  2. Feel free to message me. I’m giving a talk on teens and social media for our diocesan middle school rally tomorrow, was once a teenager online, and now have six kids, the oldest 17 and the next one down is 12. I am in the thick of this whole parenting teens with balancing social media. Would love to compare notes. Thanks!!

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