1. Haha, where on earth did you find that poster of the Pope Emeritus? Too funny/great!
    Kids do grow up waaay to fast. My oldest is turning 5 next week and it is freaking me out a little!

  2. What is in the water in Peoria?! Maybe it’s just the legacy of Fulton Sheen. It just seems like there are so many wonderful people there!

  3. Oh, girl. I saw that post on Facebook and about sobbed when I saw Lucy, all growing up.

    It’s true. I am a midget, sort of. I should have worn big girl shoes!

    I was so glad to get up ‘north’ and meet up with y’all. You’re exactly right — it refreshes my soul.

    That picture of you with the wine makes me laugh — I think it’s a right proper profile pic! :)

    About your hair? Don’t laugh, but how often do you wash it? SInce I’ve switched to every other day washing, mine seems to do much better. (Not like you can tell from that pic above!)

    See … crunchy.

    • You know what re: my hair – I just got a great cut! Found a new lady and she did a great job. Last night I had dinner with a couple GFs and they really liked it. I think I found a winner! The stylist and I talked about # of washings and dry shampoo, so I bought some and have stopped washing it so much, too!

  4. Karey

    I also remember singing the “Turn Around” song in choir, probably junior high. Didn’t think much of it then. Now with two daughters almost grown up, I totally relate to the sentiment of it.

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