Up Close in Rome with Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Dolan

Photo Credit: TheCatholicTraveler.com

Okay, not us. But this is why we will only travel on pilgrimage with The Catholic Traveler.

Today’s all-things Conclave/who’s the next pope/Rome/Catholic media craziness must-read of the day —> how a guy who leads Catholic pilgrimages named Mountain slipped past security with only an iPhone and no press credentials during Cardinal Dolan’s last presser before the Conclave. Not only that, Mountain spoke to Cardinal Dolan and asked his Eminence to greet the pilgrims traveling with him. And the good cardinal did just that. 

Just read the story here. And start saving to go on pilgrimage with The Catholic Traveler!

We first met Mountain when we traveled on pilgrimage with Lino Rulli, host of The Catholic Guy on Sirius/XM’s The Catholic Channel (channel 129). Lino and The Catholic Channel are broadcasting live from Vatican Radio this week and next. Tune in! And follow The Catholic Traveler’s adventures from Rome on Facebook or Twitter.

P.S., my mom heads over to Rome later this week for a pilgrimage reunion — it was only open to those who’ve traveled with Lino and Mountain on past tours. Joel and I were *thisclose* to going but, you know, that whole finding childcare thing got in the way. 

Oh the sin of envy . . .

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