Life May Now Resume as Normal

I’m so glad I no longer have to stare at this.

Conclave chimney

A seagull sitting on the chimney? Pretty entertaining!

Waiting to hear this.


Happy to hear these words!

 In order to meet him.

Pope Francis

Viva il Papa!

Because this is what happens when my eyes are glued to the conclave chimney/Twitter/Facebook/Vatican live feed/EWTN/NBC while my ears are tuned to SiriusXM’s The Catholic Channel waiting for history to unfold.

Oh how fun!

 Indeed, life may now resume as normal … with Pope Francis as our shepherd!

Can this count as a {pretty, happy, funny, real} post? I’d say these photos here capture the context of contentment in a day that just so happens to be one when the Church met our new Holy Father! I’m fudging a bit, I know, but I’m tired and needed to get something posted about today’s historic events. Just head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter to see how {phfr} is really done well!

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  1. says

    Hilarious! My 3rd child got up from nap at 4:30 and I said, “Guess what happened while you were sleeping?” He was not impressed. (Sigh. Three-almost-four-year-olds.) :)

    • says

      Too funny! 4-yo Lucy had a similar reaction. But once I reminded her of a song she knows about St. Francis and talked about Pope Francis, she seemed to get into it a bit more. She’ll do anything to be “on stage.” :)

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