1. I love that you are saying “love him already!” That’s exactly what I looked at my husband and said when he first came out and spoke. I really do love him already! I reflected a little bit about it on Thursday. What I love most- he’s a champion for the poor, he’s true to doctrine, he respects the dignity of all human beings! I can’t wait to learn more about him and I can’t wait to watch him lead us!


  2. Tommy

    Just to be fair, the extemporaneous can’t always be done by any Pope. Translations have to be ready for the media during the Mass, and to publish after it’s over. It was frustrating, sometimes, to see John Paul reading his homilies, too.

    • I see your point. Joel and I sat in St. Peter’s Square during JP2’s beatification Mass. Given Pope Benedict’s homily had been pre-released to the media, someone in our group got ahold of it, and we were able to follow along. That was very helpful for this English-only speaking Catholic.

      On the flip side, maybe journalists will now have to slow down and listen a little closer? :)

  3. Barb Hart

    I love him already too. I love that he chose the name “Francis.” Our youngest son is named Francis and I love that he has this selfless, humble role model to look up to. How he approached his first moments as Pope, to join with us in prayer, helps us all know how to put first things first. I love him already. Keep up the good work Lisa!

    • Oh what a gift for your son, Barb! I did have a passing, humorous thought that when the papal name was announced, all men named Francis rejoiced a little louder! :)

      Thanks for your nice note!

  4. I truly love his sense of humor… in this time of suffering in a secular world, his self-deprecating humor (particularly with his brother Cardinals) is so human so like many of us…Thank you Your Holiness! #LoveHimAlready

  5. I love him. To all the haters and disparaging comments, if you really believe that the Holy Spirit inspires the cardinals in their decision making then your disapproval of Francis indicates that you think the Holy Spirit is wrong. Jesus didn´t die to make you God.

  6. Thanks Lisa for the blog post. I kind of laugh at the media and others who were hoping that there would be changes in contraception, abortion, or gay marriage with a new Pope. All of the Cardinals were appointed by JPII or B16. At the end of the day Pope Francis is still Catholic!! Thank you Jesus!

  7. I almost missed it because I was going “power down” that afternoon–happened to check FB on a flyby before starting to teach, and when I realized what had happened I ran for the TV. He was already standing there at that point, just standing there, and I thought, “Whoa! This man is…different! What is it? What is it? He’s…humble. He’s….he’s….simple….he’s…really REAL!” I thought I was imposing my own hopes on him and tried to moderate my expectations, but now I realize his vibes were just that powerful. Everyone could tell in a single glance, and really, that’s just so rare. He is exactly what a Pope should be in a pure world: servant, loving, meek… I hope his simply being what a Pope should be is enough to change the whole world around him! That’s why I #lovehimalready.

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