1. Jeannie

    I just found your blog through conversiondiary, and it must be the Holy Spirit…I’ve been homeschooling five kids for eight years and I too abhor crafts! But I’ve made it through four preschoolers so far and none have been permanently damaged (I think) by my shortcomings. Best of luck as you discern whether homeschooling is the right fit for your family. And have you heard of the lollacup for transitioning to sippy cups? I’ve heard good reviews and have been wanting to try them for my youngest. Blessed almost-Holy Week to you!

    • Hi Jeannie! Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting. Thank you for your encouraging testimony, too. Lollacup — I will check it out.

      Many blessings to your family!

  2. We had luck with the soft spout Nuby cups, although I definitely remember an unfortunate outlet mall incident in which my oldest (then 13 months) decided to suck the water halfway out and then raspberry it all over himself…

  3. About the sippy cups: I find that using ones with a removable plug and giving it first without the plug helps them to get the concept of drinking from the cup. Although initially you can’t just let them wander around with it. After a couple of days you can put the plug back in and they usually get it enough to know they have to suck on it in similar fashion to a bottle.

    • Here’s the funny thing: he’ll drink water out of the sippy cup, but not milk. Strange. So I’m thinking he might do better with a unique cup for milk only. I don’t know!? Hopefully our dentist isn’t reading this! :)

  4. Sara Brinker

    Another vote for Nuby sippy cups. They were awesome for us and G!! Loved them!!

    Good luck in your discernment. I am very crafty, so could always help you in that department. 😉

  5. I loved reading your quick takes this week. I have been deciding on homeschooling for years and have recently been discerning God’s will for my oldest son. We finally came to a decision a few days ago and we will begin to home school in the fall. I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. I know the timing is right because there is peace in my heart about it.

    About your son and sippy cups. My second and third child did the same thing!! Milk was in a bottle and water in a sippy cup and they wouldn’t drink it any other way. I don’t stress it at all. I love the fact that my kids are water drinkers because that is the healthier habit for the long run. Really, their need for large amounts of milk diminishes with the starting of solids. There are so many other ways to get calcium. It is such a small amount of time and really, don’t most kids wear braces anyway? Don’t sweat it!!

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