• Hi Cheryl. Sorry to read you feel that way. Allow me (Lisa) to offer some perspective on this post. Not every post we write is an apologetic or spiritual reflection. Some posts are meant to be fun, but still carry a deeper meaning. For example, this post is meant to hint at the following: 1) dressing with dignity, 2) dressing appropriately to meet the King of Kings on the Church’s highest feast day, 3) and simply celebrating the day together as a family by going to Mass. While the post is meant to be fun, we find the topic anything but frivolous. Finally, I co-host a Catholic women’s radio show. A recent show about dressing with dignity received many positive responses from our loyal local listeners, and this post is designed to build community with them.

  1. Sarah Dickmeyer

    Since we were celebrating Corey’s full communion into the Catholic Church, we snapped this picture after the Easter Vigil! Thanks for celebrating with us, Das Schmidts!

  2. I think it’s non-frivolous to show the world that, “Look, we had all these kids and can still look halfway decent!” But hey, a little frivolity during the octave of Easter never hurt anyone :)

  3. Mary Beth

    At some point I could no longer talk the kids into matching oufits. Same color family is always nice, but…..nowadays we settle for as many as possible looking forward into the camera and holding still for our awesome photographer/ friend, Laura Wills. (not sure our youngest got the memo).

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