1. Great thoughts.

    And heaven must surely smell like my parents’ house after a sumptuous dinner. Warm, with the sweet scent of Cuban coffee layered over the oniony garlicky aroma of sofrito, with the hint of a Cuban cigar wafting in from the porch.

  2. I loved this – it shows how humanity can surround but not bring down the Sacraments and at its best humanity can add to the beauty.
    Also, as a college student, at a large parish out of state, I was hit on by a man 10 years my senior while I we waited in line for confession. It was awkward.

    • Thanks, Jack! Personal testimony, I was pretty far away from the sacrament as a teen, too. I chalked it up as a generational thing and a sign of the catechetical times. Are you seeing any positive trends in terms of parishes with strong youth groups/LifeTeen programs?

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