1. Love your “Forrest Gump” moment and even more the resolve to listen and follow your heart. I am so sorry for your loss. Dropping by from the A-Z Challenge.

  2. Some great thoughts… I really think that without these ‘stop in our tracks’ moments, life can become stale, predictable, dare I say… a little dull.

    A great movie too!!

  3. I first lost someone close to me back in the late 90’s, and what I took from her illness and eventual death was, whatever we worry about during this life is usually not worth the effort, and (similar, I think, to your revelation), whatever we spend our time doing ought to be something we value.

    I applaud your decision to focus on your family, where so many people cannot turn away from the lucrative jobs and the toys that come with it.

    • Howdy! Thanks for stopping by. I am sorry for your loss. A few days I quoted Lou Holtz, former head football coach for the University of Notre Dame.

      “If it won’t bother you on your deathbed, it shouldn’t bother you now.”

      Your comment echoes his, too!

  4. What I think is most awesome is that you listened! I know so many moms feel pulled so hard in both directions that they cave to the pressure that the world puts on them to be and do everything; full-time job, be a good mom, great wife, cook, etc. etc. I believe when we take on the roll of being wife/mom that it is a full-time job in itself if we give it our full attention. We have such a short amount of time to really be there with our kids while they are young, we have the rest of our lives to work and get paid for it(with something other than slobber, hugs, and kisses).

    And yes, my “Forest Gump” moment was when we decided to pull Toby out of preschool and start homeschooling! I loved your line: “When you go against conventional secular “wisdom,” you’re going to get some confused looks.” Story of my life, honey!

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