1. I love these photos. My 15-year-old (she also gave Barbies haircuts) is still creative, but you just gotta love it :-)

    Cannot BELIEVE Jude is so big. I just think of him like a little newborn in your arms.

  2. Cathy Harrell

    The same book I mentioned in an comment to your post about Gratitude talks about Joy coming from gratitude. Everything I am thankful for gives me joy (sometimes anguish but mostly joy). By the way, I can’t wait to read the book Intentional Disciple. I am the leader of our pastoral council and I have been looking for something for us to read as a group.

      • Cathy Harrell

        Yes we are! I think that is why I like reading your blog so much. :)

        The biggest difference is that my kids are almost grown (20, 17, and 15). So I enjoy reading about your kids and remembering mine at the same age.

  3. Julie Nelson

    LOL at the Lucy’s Barbie haircut… I can say that I didn’t do that to my Barbie…. I cut my sister’s Barbie hair instead

  4. How awesome for your Mom to be in Rome with all the Pope Francis mania going on, what a blessing! Love the chopped up Barbie hair, my little brother took out his energy a few times on my Barbie’s hair, lol!

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