1. Andrew

    Thanks very much for what must have been a hard but important message to convey. I have struggled with this for the last year and a half or so when my father was dying. Personally I just don’t understand why Christians insist on the cremation of their bodies or their loved ones’ bodies despite the Christian belief that the person consists of both body and soul (hylomorphism). Do we not believe that because of Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection the Father will also resurrect our bodies along with our souls at the end of time? Now perhaps the Father will still somehow resurrect the body even though it has been burnt to ashes, but if there is no body anymore then it means that He would be required to create a new body at the end of time. The theology on this issue is far from developed and without a doubt it is frustrating and I can only pray that God has mercy on those who might have chosen what we as a Church might later describe as “poorly” in their end-of-life decisions.

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