1. MB

    Those of us who grew up with an engaged, protective, loving father, are better able to see and appreciate our Father in heaven. This is a gift of grace. For those who never knew an earthly father, or only knew men who betrayed them or abused them…we need to extend special love and care, so that they can understand that they have always had a Father who loves them and never left them. I think journaling and reflection on HIs goodness helps remind me-I AM a beloved daughter!! And I have an obligation to share that with other women (tho, I frequently fail). Thanks for this, Lisa (and Pat!).

  2. Mindy Pusateri

    I have been without my parents since I was 25 years old. A young mother myself — I was thrust into a different role. It is a lonely world to be among those ‘orphans’. No longer receiving ‘Daughter’ cards. No longer buying Mother’s and Father’s Day cards. Never hearing again, those stories of my childhood. It is a difficult and often awkward place to be. Prior to becoming Catholic, [I converted at age 33] I never really thought of being a Daughter of God. Especially after my loss … I never thought of myself as anyone’s daughter. Not anymore. I was a mother, niece, wife, granddaughter, sister and daughter-in-law. I had daughters–but I was not a daughter. As a mother of 10, I have focused on the my role as a mother nearly every second. It takes up the majority of my thoughts and a huge part of my heart. Helping my husband and daughters to have a strong, healthy relationship as father/daughter also is very important. Lost in all of this? My role as a daughter. I had forgotten. I AM a daughter. I am a daughter of God! It is a very important relationship that has always been there–I just failed to recognize, appreciate and NURTURE it. The one relationship that has never changed or ever failed to be there is the one I forgot about. Lucky for this Daughter of God–HE never forgets. He never turns away. He is the all-loving Father.

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