1. LOVED the title…caught my attention right away! ;-)
    # 1and 4 I think have helped me, but also since I got back into the faith as a young adult was a strong Catholic young adult group…the priest that ran really helped be grow so much in my faith and I just fell in the love with the faith and it was no longer the faith of my parents….but it was my own!!!
    Also too good Bible studies:)

    • Thanks Patty! Excellent additions. “No longer the faith of my parents” – that’s a great way to phrase the experience of many cradle Catholics, myself included.

  2. Andrew

    As a seminarian (I mention this to state the perspective from which I currently see things), getting to know Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament combined with meeting what I call “real people” (those in the parishes who attend Mass every Sunday and participate in adoration, not just other seminarians who sometimes put on a show to look good). First, sometimes Jesus reveals things about himself and others in the silence of adoring the Blessed Sacrament that I would likely have never figured out otherwise. Second, he reveals things to other people, who, if you can find them, will in turn reveal these things to you. I certainly didn’t intend this from the beginning, but upon a brief review, I suppose in a way this two-fold examination reflects the vertical and horizontal aspects of the Church. Our primary relationship is with God (vertical) and as the Church on earth the secondary relationship is with one another (horizontal).

  3. Thanks for the podcast recommendations. I’m a Catholic Answers podcast junkie, and I’m always looking for other good ones. Your question asking about what’s the “punch” in Catholicism for me is inspiring a blog post…it boils down to discovering the universality of the Church when I was studying abroad in Spain in undergrad.

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