20 Ways (and counting!) At-Home Moms Can Volunteer for the Pro-Life Movement

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I recently received an email from a young at-home mom with limited access to transportation requesting advice on how she can get involved in the pro-life movement given her current stage of life and vocation. Here’s part of the email:

Pregnant Woman

“I am interested in becoming more involved in the pro-life movement but have little resources to offer. I’m an at-home mom to a young toddler. We have one car, and my husband is often gone with it for work. However, I still want to try and see what possibilities exist for me to help. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts.”

Given I really haven’t been there, done that, I didn’t feel overly confident in providing sound advice. So I shared this woman’s question over at The Practicing Catholic’s Facebook page. Several women who HAVE been there, done that chimed in with excellent ideas. The collection of responses was so good and practical, I thought it wise to share here for other moms feeling called to do more.

Organized into three categories, prayer, service, and personal witness, here are twenty ways at-home moms can volunteer for the pro-life movement while busy at-home caring for young children.


1. Before rising from bed each morning, stop for just a moment and pray. Allow God to enter your life and be His instrument. Offer yourself as His weapon against abortion. If you need some prayer direction, Priests for Life has a great page with a bunch of daily prayers. Pick one or two to pray each morning.

2. Offer up in prayer all the little mothering moments that happen throughout your day for pregnant moms in crisis.

3. Reserve one decade of the Rosary for the pro-life movement.

4. Adopt-a-mom: Become a prayer warrior for a mother who goes to a pro-life women’s clinic thinking it’s an abortion clinic. Pray for her to choose life. Establish a personal connection with the clinic and let them know you are eager to pray for the women who are seeking an abortion.

5. Find the nearest 40 Days for Life campaign and go pray on a day when the family is all together.


6. Volunteer for the pregnancy hotline number in the area. No travel necessary.

7. Make a list of all local pro-life, pregnancy resource centers in your area. Pick one per month to help financially and give what you can — $5, $10, $25, maybe even more.

8. Contact the local pregnancy resource centers and ask them what they need. Then coordinate a baby/maternity supply drive from the comfort of your home. This can be done primarily via email and social media.

9. If organizing a supply drive seems overwhelming, as budget allows, order diapers, baby clothes, or supplies via Amazon and ship directly to the pregnancy resource center.

10. Sign up for formula mailing lists to receive formula samples and coupons to give to the pregnancy  resource center.

11. Offer to tutor a young mom or mom-to-be who needs to finish high school. Barb Szyszkiewicz, who blogs at FranciscanMom, has done this very thing and shares her beautiful story here.

12. When the local pro-life organization has a fundraiser, call people from church, organizations, mom’s groups, etc. and encourage them to attend the event.

13. Be an angel for the Gabriel Project (or similar type of organization) and establish a one-on-one relationship with an expectant mother.

14. Initiate a letter writing campaign to elected officials, asking them to keep pro-life policies at the center of their voting platform.

15. Become involved in the pro-life group at church. Write pro-life announcements for the parish’s bulletin, make simple signs for the church bulletin boards, stock the church’s pamphlet rack with pro-life and pregnancy resource literature, be available for Respect Life Sunday activities.

Personal Witness

16. Be a positive, supportive, and loving person. Then when the subject of abortion comes up, people will understand that it’s not about condemnation, it’s about loving support for every life.

17. Let your love for motherhood show when you are out-and-about. Radiate love for your little ones.

18. Remain open to life in your own family — that probably speaks more profoundly than anything else.

19. Engage with social media. Start a blog. Research and share articles that speak to the issue. Have a public presence on Facebook that is distinctly pro-life, pro-mom, and pro-family.

20. Find your passion within the movement. Working in the pro-life movement does not have to mean doing something in big crowds that reaches huge numbers of people. At-home moms might be at a place in life where their pro-life impact is on a deeper level, but with fewer people. There are many ways to be pro-life. No matter our current state of life and vocation, each of us can find something to offer in support of life.

There you have it — twenty ways how at-home moms with young children can be engaged in the pro-life movement. Notice this post is “20 Ways (and counting!).” The counting part is where you come in — any more suggestions to grow this list? Can we get it to 100? How about we shoot for 30 and reassess when we hit that mark. Comment box is now open!

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