1. Thanks for PINISHING. This recipe looks…intriguing. I am not anti-quinoa but none of my family is pro-quinoa. I think I’ll be trying this soon. It’s weird to conceive of a “mac and cheese” type dish that doesn’t require making a roux.

  2. Kelly S

    This looks “yummy” indeed! (I wondered where you would go with the tough letters for you A to Z challenge.) I haven’t yet jumped on the quinoa bandwagon, but a recipe like this might prod me into it. I love the idea of “Pinishers”…I finally made a board of “Pins I have Tried” to motivate myself to try more of them.

  3. bettyduffy

    I bought that bag of Quinoa from Costco, and then the bag tore in the trunk of my husband’s car. He’s definitely not pro-quinoa. I salvaged about half of it, which I still have not done anything about, but maybe a mac and cheese type thing is the answer–even though everyone hates it when I try to make their food nutritious with flaxseed and stuff.

    Anyway, I only wish I were a pinisher.

  4. Michelle Brookhart

    You are a busy busy mama! This was a nice post to give you a little break. Congratulations on Pinishing! I don’t dare even start Pinterest, as I waste too much time on facebook as it is. I too bought that bag of quinoa from Costco, and just this morning found a recipe that I plan to try to use it up. I’ll let you know if it’s any good! (I’d try your yummy recipe, but unfortunately I can’t do dairy. Maybe I can make it for the kids though- it looks delish!) http://gnowfglins.com/2007/07/11/cold-quinoa-breakfast-cereal/#infform_id0_h596.4000000000001_w280

  5. LOL! I’m now just reading this post…I’m the same way and my Mom/sister are always asking me when they see me if I’m putting to use my Pinterest recipes (cause I ain’t no chef)…so my new goal each time we go grocery shopping is I try and have 2-3 new recipes over a period of two weeks…slowly but surely…and its helping me take a greater interest in cooking and learning new ideas to try with my husband for making dinners.

    • See, now you can link up, too! I agree with your thoughts about just diggin’ in and experimenting. Love the idea to try a few new recipes every few weeks. Great strategy! Happy #PINISHING!

  6. I can so relate to the whole Pinisher aspect. This is great…made me laugh even through it’s glaring reality of looking in the mirror and saying, “yep, that’s me”

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