Go ahead, call me a Pinisher. I dare you!

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I’m attempting to end my Blogging from A to Z Challenge on a spiritually high note but wowsa, y-words are tough and dare I admit my creative juices are on the fritz right now? I thought about explaining why we no longer say or sing “Yahweh” during Mass, but Mr. Aggie Catholic Marcel LeJeune pretty much said all that needs to be said about that topic here. Then I thought about spotlighting St. Yves — the saint and patron of lawyers, not the line of facial products — but nothing caught fire there, either. 

Truth is, between Joel’s deacon formation, this blog and other writing assignments, the radio show, a new Catholic media initiative I’m working on, pregnancy, and oh yeah, most importantly, living my vocation as wife and mom, I’m tapped and am simply asking for a little latitude to escape for a moment and share a recipe that claims to be a YUMMY mac & cheese knock-off. 

Alrighty. Now that THAT’S off my chest …

My friend Dorian came up with an awesome blog link-up idea called  “Pinisher” — a movement to get Pinterest slackers like me to actually finish something I’ve pinned. How many of you have actually baked, crafted, decorated, repurposed, reused, bought, planned, played, etc. anything you’ve pinned? Really … all of you?! Well kudos and more power to you because this meme pretty much sums up my success with Pinterest.

Pinterest Joke

There is one recipe I pinned several months ago that I’ve been itching to bake, so I’m grateful to Dorian for providing the “pinspiration” to finally get ‘er done. Presenting: Cheesy Quinoa Mac & Cheese

If you’ve ever bought a big ol’ bag of quinoa from Costco (ahem) and are trying to find creative ways to use it, this recipe may be just for you! The dish’s texture and flavor are so unique that I don’t think it’s honest to label it as a substitute for traditional mac & cheese — enthusiasts’ taste buds might be a little disappointed. I’m not a huge mac & cheese fan, yet I really enjoyed this dish. Not only is it simple to prepare, the final product is indeed yummy. I think the garlic gives it a subtle punch to push it over into the “oh this is surprisingly yummy” category. We served it as a side dish here, but it could probably be paired with a salad and used a main dish, too.

Quinoa Mac & Cheese Ingredients

Ingredients: quinoa, garlic, eggs, cheese, milk, panko crumbs — I threw in leftover peas, too

Quinoa Mac & Cheese

Final Das Schmidt Haus verdict? Thumbs up from all including Joel (not-the-biggest-cheese-fan) and 4-1/2 year-old Lucy (can’t-seem-to-enjoy-anything-but-chicken-nuggets-these-days). Links to the recipe and my Pinterest page shared below.

Now let’s revel for a moment at my first-ever “Pinisher” badge of honor! 


Link to Original Project: Cheesy Quinoa Mac & Cheese

Link to My Pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/267119821619135613/

Follow me on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/lisaannschmidt/ (disclaimer: most likely I’ll be more “pinspired” from you than you from me)

See all the Pinishers this week at Scrutinies!

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  1. says

    Thanks for PINISHING. This recipe looks…intriguing. I am not anti-quinoa but none of my family is pro-quinoa. I think I’ll be trying this soon. It’s weird to conceive of a “mac and cheese” type dish that doesn’t require making a roux.

  2. Kelly S says

    This looks “yummy” indeed! (I wondered where you would go with the tough letters for you A to Z challenge.) I haven’t yet jumped on the quinoa bandwagon, but a recipe like this might prod me into it. I love the idea of “Pinishers”…I finally made a board of “Pins I have Tried” to motivate myself to try more of them.

  3. bettyduffy says

    I bought that bag of Quinoa from Costco, and then the bag tore in the trunk of my husband’s car. He’s definitely not pro-quinoa. I salvaged about half of it, which I still have not done anything about, but maybe a mac and cheese type thing is the answer–even though everyone hates it when I try to make their food nutritious with flaxseed and stuff.

    Anyway, I only wish I were a pinisher.

  4. Michelle Brookhart says

    You are a busy busy mama! This was a nice post to give you a little break. Congratulations on Pinishing! I don’t dare even start Pinterest, as I waste too much time on facebook as it is. I too bought that bag of quinoa from Costco, and just this morning found a recipe that I plan to try to use it up. I’ll let you know if it’s any good! (I’d try your yummy recipe, but unfortunately I can’t do dairy. Maybe I can make it for the kids though- it looks delish!) http://gnowfglins.com/2007/07/11/cold-quinoa-breakfast-cereal/#infform_id0_h596.4000000000001_w280

  5. says

    LOL! I’m now just reading this post…I’m the same way and my Mom/sister are always asking me when they see me if I’m putting to use my Pinterest recipes (cause I ain’t no chef)…so my new goal each time we go grocery shopping is I try and have 2-3 new recipes over a period of two weeks…slowly but surely…and its helping me take a greater interest in cooking and learning new ideas to try with my husband for making dinners.

    • says

      See, now you can link up, too! I agree with your thoughts about just diggin’ in and experimenting. Love the idea to try a few new recipes every few weeks. Great strategy! Happy #PINISHING!

  6. says

    I can so relate to the whole Pinisher aspect. This is great…made me laugh even through it’s glaring reality of looking in the mirror and saying, “yep, that’s me”


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