• AnnMarie Iannolo

      Please pray for my daughter Alexandra and Brandon that they will conceive a baby this year
      And be blessed with a healthy baby!
      Thank you!
      AMI NY

    • Jhoanna

      I will start the novena today. Please pray for me St. Gerard to conceive and deliver a healthy baby.

  1. joanna

    We’ve been trying for 3 years now to have baby. We know in God’s perfect time he will give it to us. Please include us in the prayers. We started this novena a last week. Thanks.

  2. Bernadette

    Praying for my son and daughter in law that they may know the joys of parenthood. For prayers heard and answered

  3. Tracy

    after 4 miscarriages and losing 5 babies, a husband who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012 at 40, we dream and hope for a baby. I have started the novena but please pray for us.

  4. Sarah

    Please pray for my husband and I to conceive our second child. Thank you and we will also pray for all of you who are also trying.

  5. April

    My husband and I as well as my brother and sister in law have been trying to conceive for over three years. Please pray for us that God may grant our prayers. Amen.

  6. Marina

    for the past several years we been trying to conceive, Lost a pregnancy and ever sense we have try and nothing. I would love to have a baby. Please pray for me. Thanks,

  7. W

    My wife and I have been hoping to conceive a child for 4 years now. Please pray for us, that we may have the strength to get through this and that we may be finally blessed with a child. Please pray for us and ALL going through this heartbreaking difficulty. Thank you and God Bless you all.

  8. Me

    I started the prayer today. Please dear god let me conceive a child. We’re married going on 5 years now and I’ve never been pregnant.

  9. Lisa

    Please pray for my son and daughter-in-law, who after several miscarriages are trying to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.

  10. Sherrene

    Dear Lord, bless my husband & I as well as all others trying to conceive with a healthy baby…we ask this in Jesus name

  11. Good day! we’ve been trying to conceive for 3 years. please help us pray for us to conceive and have a healthy delivery of a healthy child/children. i appreciate it so much for those who understand us. the pain and sorrow of miscarriage is too much to bear. the longing of having children is burdensome for some of us..oh, please God hear us through St. Gerard!

  12. wonks

    please pray for me and my husband we’ve been trying for 5 years to concieve to a healthy baby for the second time
    god bless us all

  13. Debby Roy

    Please pray for me & my husband that we may be blessed with a healthy pregnancy. We’ve had 2 miscarriages & its been slightly more than a year, & still at a deadlock. I will be 38 this year & feel like almost giving up now.

  14. Jo Criniti

    Please pray for my daughter-in-law, “Christine” who so much wants to have a child with our son, “Angelo.” They both love children. Please pray that all the time, money & efforts they both have been spending will be promptly rewarded, safely and successfully. My husband, “Mike” and I also long for a grandchild to enjoy for many years, before we go to Heaven.

  15. Rochelle pader

    Please help me in my prayer to st. Gerard. I want to concieve and have a child again. Kindly help me in my prayers. Thank you.

  16. Nancy

    I will begin this prayer starting to night for my daughter-in-law Crystal, may she be able to conceive a second child that she desperately wants.

    Please St. Gerard here my prayer, and may others waiting also conceive
    Thank you

  17. Joanne

    Please st Gerard help me and my husband to conceive this month or as soon as you see fit, we have trying for a year with no luck yet.. starting novena today. Amen

  18. PLEASE St. Gerard help my daughter and son-in-law to conceive. They have been trying for over three years with no luck. They finally decided one last ditch effort…IVF. They have been going through this process for over eight months. They were only able to extract four eggs. All four got fertilized. Then one didn’t make it, they had tree good ones left. Over the weekend two more didn’t make it. Now they are down to “one last STRONG EMBRYO”. They are waiting for the genetic test to come back. WE are ALL PRAYING too you St. Gerard, that we get good news from this test and that in a few weeks they will receive “GREAT NEWS” that they will be able to transplant the frozen embryo. And a few weeks later find out that they are pregnant! This IS their last chance to conceive! PLEASE ST, GERAD HEAR MY PRAYER FOR THEM. THESE KIDS WOULD MAKE WONDERFUL PARENTS!! I PRAY THS IN YOUR NAME…THANK YOU<3

  19. Stephanie

    Please St. Gerard, help my husband and I conceive a child naturally. Last year I had major surgery to remove a large tumor on my right ovary. Now I found out that I have cysts on my left ovary (only ovary left) and a fibroid tumor in my uterus. I pray that these health issues do not hinder my ability to get pregnant. My husband and I would love to start a family and become parents. Please St. Gerard, together with Jesus, God and our beloved Mother Mary, please let me get pregnant and deliver a happy, healthy baby to full-term. I pray that I am healthy for this journey with Jesus by my side. St. Gerard I pray you bring my petitions to God for his intercession.
    Thank you!

  20. Eileen Druken

    I am praying for my daughter to conceive a healthy baby. They want a baby so desperately so please add them to your prayers

    • Felicia Victor

      Please St. Gerard, help my husband and I conceive a children naturally.Having been waiting on God for 20yrs cause of Fallopian tube Blockage and Ovary cyst. Please St. Gerard, together with Jesus, God and our beloved Mother Mary, please let me get pregnant this year and deliver a happy, healthy baby to full-term. I pray that I am healthy for this journey with Jesus by my side. St. Gerard I pray you bring my petitions to God for his intercession.
      Thank you!

  21. Louie

    My wife and I have had a tough time with three conceptions which were all lost to miscarriages. We are currently pregnant for the fourth time, and needless to say, we are a bit nervous. My mother recommended a novena. On the same night she recommended these prayers, my wife experienced similar symptoms to that of the previous miscarriages. With the help of beginning this novena, she immediately calmed down and began to feel better. She has been fine since. My wife and I continue praying this novena since that day and we will continue to ask God, through his helpers, to watch over our pregnancy.

  22. Dearest St.Gerald, please pray for me to have my left fallopian tube unclog, the fibroid in my left ovary and cysts in my ovaries to disappear. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2years plus. We wish to be parents desperately as we are not young anymore. We pray to be able to conceive to a healthy baby soonest.

  23. Gigi

    St. Gerard pls pray for us… i started doing novena today… me and my husband longing to have a child… please hear our prayer ….. amen.

  24. Janet Vullo

    Please pray for my daughter and son in law. They’ve been unsuccessful in conceiving a child for three years now. Praying for a healthy pregnancy & child.

    • Rachel

      Please pray that we conceive and deliver and raises healthy babies quickly … they say he is sterile but I know our God can do the impossible now in Jesus name.. … he wants to be biological father …thank u my prayers for all of you.. in a Jesus name

  25. Ella

    Please pray for us. I pray that by your intercession also my husband and I will conceive our second child together, as we start this prayer tonight .. I pray that God blesses my womb and cause us to conceive and have a very healthy pregnancy and safe delivery through Christ our Lord Amen

  26. Kim

    I pray for my dear friends Janice and Andrew. May you bless them with healthy fertility and may they conceive their first child. Amen. KMDT

  27. Life is Precious

    Please help us. My husband and I are converts. Our son and daughter in law are not. They have had tests and have been told they can’t have a child naturally (low sperm count). They are considering IVF. Please St. Gerard, intercede for them to conceive and if it is not Gods will, that they will NOT try IVF.

  28. Erika

    Please pray for us, Michael and Erika to conceived. We have been trying for three years and have suffered one miscarriage but we continue to try and are currently in fertility treatment.

  29. Geraldine

    I prayed to st Gerard and I conceived naturally in 2015. I am praying again for another baby and may our intercessor pray and request this gift from our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  30. Niki

    Please pray for me and my husband trying to conceive since we cannot afford to go to fertility center just a miracle from God. In jesus name Amen!

  31. Marilyn

    I will start praying this novena today for my grandson and his wife to be able to conceive, they are doing IVF and hopefully with your help she will be able to produce some healthy eggs. Please help them as they would be great parents. I trust in you and I thank you.

  32. Ella

    I just started this novena today, I pray for successful and healthy conception and pregnancy and safe deliver of my babies in Jesus name Amen . Please pray for me too

  33. Leena

    St Gerard please pray for me and my husband for conceiving. Send us the gift from Holy Spirit to love and serve the Lord. We will be starting this novena from today

  34. Elaine

    I pray for Your will to be done. We are trying to conceive our first child. For my husband and I, and all those out there who want so badly to start a family, I pray.

  35. Melissa Strey

    Please pray for a wonderful person and amazing teacher of my children, they have tried everything to bring a baby into their lives. Please bless them with a healthy baby, and a healthy momma!

  36. Christabel Mwamba

    Please pray for my husband and I to conceive.we have been trying for the past 10 years.we are starting the novena.

  37. Ashley and Brandon

    We have been trying for 2 years and not giving up. Please pray for Brandon and Ashley to conceive and deliver a child together as we have been praying for. In God’s name we pray, please let us get pregnant!

  38. Araceli Villalpando

    I’m doing this novena for my friend Janet Mason. Please help me pray for her so that she may conceive a child.

  39. Moca

    Please pray for me St Gerard!! Help me to conceive this month to a healthy happy baby. May this is also God’s will. Amen.

  40. Lucy P.

    I pray to God and ask St Gerard to intercede on my behalf that it is not too late for us to conceive a healthy baby to complete our family. Please, pray for ALL of us longing to have a child, that we are blessed by God, the Holy Mother and Jesus. Amen

  41. Yvonne adhiambo

    Please pray for me st Gerard !! To conceive this month and deliver a healthy baby, i really wish to have my own child. In Jesus name Amen.

  42. Faith Maganga

    Morning am faith i need special prayer to conceived again i have first born baby boy 8 years old after giving birth to him i miscarry twice and then sometime i went for surgery this year of ovary cyst which am now left with one ovary praying i will conceived in jesus name Amen pray for me.

  43. Anne'l

    Please join me to pray to St Gerald, I had a miscarriage recently and I’m devastated as I desire to conceive.
    I want St Gerald to intervene on my behalf to God that I may conceive again before the end of next month….
    I’m almost 36years.
    Please join me in prayers.

    God bless us all with testimonies…. AMEN

  44. Betty

    I am asking St. Gerard to help my daughter conceive a healthy baby this year. I have profound faith in you St. Gerard. Thank you for your blessings for my daughter.

  45. Rachel

    Dear St. Gerard asking you to help my Daughter to conceive a beautiful healthy baby of God. She had a miscarriage and was so painful for her and her husband and rest of family. Want them to be bless parents as my husband and I are. Our faith is very strong with you St. Gerard and our almighty God. Please bless them for they have been trying for awhile to have a child of their own. She is in her mid 30’s and want so much for her and her husband to have a bless one. Prayers and blessings for our daughter St. Gerard. Amen

  46. Loli

    Please join me to pray to St Gerald, I had a miscarriage recently and I’m devastated as I desire to conceive.
    I want St Gerald to intervene on my behalf to God that I may conceive again.. I ask u tis I tension in d name of Jesus.. Please bless us

  47. Madi Naig

    My husband and I are trying to conceive for 8yrs. Please interceeed us in prayer to conceive and have a healthy baby

  48. Wendy and Kevin

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive. Im 45 now and time isnt on my side. Please pray for us that we will be given the gift of new life.

  49. Ray

    Please kindly pray for me as I am trying so hard to conceive just now. I suffered a miscarriage last year, of my first pregnancy which left me devastated. Please pray that I will conceive soon. God bless you all.

  50. RM

    Please pray for my daughter to conceive through IVF after 11 months of failed IUI’s and a miscarriage. I will keep all of you in my prayers to St. Gerard and to Our Heavenly Father and Mother.

  51. Jugemay Quirante

    Please pray for me that I may conceive this june 2019 with a strong, healthy, and normal baby. This june 25, 2019 I will be taking my pregnancy test that it will be positive on this day. St. Gerald pray for us!

  52. Christina Mackay

    I pray that the Holy Spirit with the Grace of the Most Holy Virgin Mary that my daughter Alex and Son Ian be blessed with pregnancy and happy and healthy child in this year of our Lord 2019/ 2020. Please St.Gerard hear our prayers. May God help my daughter to feel the Grace or our Lord.

  53. lee

    I will say this novena that with the almighty will bless my daughter and son in law with a healthy pregnancy and precious gift of a child…..St. Gerard, i ask for your prayers….

  54. Dinah

    Hi my name is Dinah ,Please pray for me , lam trying to conceive the second time but there is Satan preventing me, please help me.

  55. Wendy Janssen

    Please pray for me to conceive a baby soon. My name is Wendy and I’m 45. I’m running out of time as I get older. I’ve been praying to St. Gerard for awhile now. My husband and I really hope for a healthy baby.

  56. Kevon carandang

    I am praying for my daughter to conceive. Please include us in your prayers for safe pregnancy and healthy baby. Thank you and may God bless us all.

  57. Anna Anukaenyi

    Please pray for me that I may conceive and carry my pregnancy to full term and give birth to healthy twins. I pray that there shall never again be a miscarriage in my life, I pray that my next pregnancy test shall be positive in Jesus name. Amen

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