1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Omaha had a similar event yesterday, but we were unable to attend. Apparently there was a big ice cream social afterward…us Omaha-ans know how to celebrate the liturgical calendar. :)

  2. Hi Catherine. Thanks for commenting in; good to hear from you!

    I participated in one before, several years ago, which didn’t make a great impact on me. It started at the church and ended in a park with a picnic; nothing wrong with that. However, due to the church’s location, the procession was sort of on the edge of town and would have been easy to miss.

    In contrast, this one was in the middle of town, right through the residential neighborhoods, impossible to miss. We made 5 benediction stops at altars set up on the front steps of parishioners’ homes, each one dedicated to a different saint: St. Patrick, St. Boniface, St. Anthony, St. Joseph, and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  3. EWTN just aired a beautiful documentary about the parish in Omaha that has the Corpus Christi procession. It’s called, “Where Heaven Meets Earth.” It’s an inspiring story about how a young pastor on his first assignment, Fr. Damien Cook, chose to restore the sacred in a poor parish with declining numbers. Now, the parish is THRIVING and draws people from all over the city seeking the sacred. The documentary trailer has great footage of a previous year’s Corpus Christi procession. Based on your post, it sounds like it has a lot of similarities to your procession–right down to the red and white petals. Here’s the link: http://heavenmeetsearth.tv/

      • Yes, St. Peter’s is definitely worth a visit! As an added bonus, it’s just a few blocks away from the Omaha Children’s Museum if you’re looking for a family afternoon activity. Thanks for sharing your link, too. It’s so inspiring to read about how our hardworking priests are taking on their role as shepherds and revitalizing their parishes! I love your and Lisa’s blog. Keep these great posts coming!

  4. MB

    This is beautiful! Joel, I am a cradle Catholic, and I don’t recall more than one or two Corpus Christi celebrations ( with procession etc) in my whole life. The one’s we have sought out at other parishes are full of joy, hope, and renewed hope. Time to talk to our own parish priest and liturgy committee about this!
    Thanks, Lisa and Joel!

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