1. So wonderful! When my Dad become an acolyte and put o that white alb, us kids kept teasing him and calling it his “holy dress” ;-)

    • Howdy Patty! Too funny! Joel was the crucifix bearer for a recent Corpus Christi processession, and we joked he looked great in his blouse, I mean surplice. ;)

      On another note, look for an email soon from me. I want to banter about the impacts your dad’s formation had on you as a younger child. I smell a post on that topic is in the works!

  2. Beautiful post! Congratulations to the whole fam! Thank you for sharing these pictures and insights into what the Acolyte Installation was like. I’d love to jump on the bandwagon and hear more about how you are balancing the call from God to serve His Church and simultaneously build up your own domestic church. Prayers for all of you as your family moves forward in the deacon formation process!

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