1. I’ve heard of the retreat center, but I’ve never been. How beautiful! We’ll have to check it out down the road. Your pregnant friend thinks it’s pretty awesome that you two babymooned out there! :)

    • Yes, check it out! And thanks for helping me rethink the mandatory I-must-attend-with-my-husband-because-the-diocese-says-so retreat. I treated our time away in a much more spiritually mature manner simply because of those pics you posted to FB. Thank you, truly!

  2. I hate to throw a damper on this topic, but now that I hear about “push gifts”, I can see that ´babymoons” and “push gifts” can be another reason for women to envy and be jealous of each other. I had never heard of a babymoon until a couple of years ago, and it was here on Facebook. I could see the envious reaction in some replies of other women who probably did not have the luxury of getting someone to watch their kids for a few days and then afford a trip away from family responsibilities. I don´t know, maybe it´s just my own thing that I struggled with. We had no family around while raising our kids and when I´d hear friends talk about how great it was to get away on a vacation, “just the two of us”, it would make me feel uncomfortably envious. Going on a retreat sounds beautiful though.

  3. Congrats Lisa and Joel and what a great way to celebrate. We all find our own time away whether it is for a day or two or even for a few hours to each of our own limits!! May God Bless you and your growing family. So happy for you :):)

  4. Marilyn

    We are expecting a baby in October so this is our last chance for a marriage retreat for the near future. We’ll be attending a World Wide Marriage Encounter weekend in Kansas City. I think one is coming to Ankeny in October, but it’s too close to our due date to count on. Glad you are renewed by your time spent away!

  5. When I saw the headline I immediately thought of a different kind of “babymoon.” When conceiving our first child was taking longer than we hoped, we were invited by one of our monk friends invited us to ‘Conception’ Abbey.

    • Ha!! Funny thing, we actually attend Conception Abbey once a month for Joel’s diaconate formation classes. We’ve achieved pregnancy twice in the three years since spending time there. :)

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