The Sacredness of a Rocking Chair

Nothing hollers, “Welcome to the South, y’all!” like this row of wooden rocking chairs I encountered at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport while traveling to Birmingham last week for a Catholic media event. (More on that trip in the weeks to come!) 

What images come to mind when you see a wooden rocking chair?

Rocking Chairs at Charlotte Airport

Rocking Chairs at Airport

Does a rocking chair evoke memories of that one sacred place that helped soothe your crying newborn? Maybe Grandpa comes to mind, sitting on his front porch sipping on a glass of iced tea while watching a sunset. And I’m sure there’s plenty who are reminded of a Cracker Barrel restaurant with their store frontage lined with white rocking chairs.

If there’s a silver lining in a three-hour layover at the Charlotte airport, it was these rocking chairs. And I absolutely treated myself to a dish of TCBY chocolate yogurt with cookie dough topping while taking the time to rock and watch planes come and go. What a genius marketing technique — this one piece of furniture can immediately diffuse stress, promote conversation, and remind us to enjoy the simple things in life. Sister Mary James Uhing said it quite well in her poem, Take Time to Rock.

The rocker has no practical purpose.

It is simply a reminder to experience life in its gentleness.

A reminder to spend some time each day reflecting.

It is a reminder that we should enjoy the quiet.

Every once in a while, we need to take a moment to renew within ourselves the knowledge of ourselves.

Sometimes the days get hectic and we need a gentle reminder to let us know we should take the time to simply rock.

Here’s to taking time to rock. Next time I’m at a Cracker Barrel, I may just pick up a rocker for my front porch.

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    I live in Charlotte and will fly in/out of Charlotte Douglas probably 20 times this year. I have walked by those chairs who knows how many times but next time you can bet I will take at least a minute or two “simply rock”. Thanks for the article and all you do through your ministry.

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