The Trip To Birmingham I Can’t Talk About Yet (7QT Style)

— 1 —

Remember how Seinfeld claimed his shows were about nothing? This is a blog post about nothing, really. Last week I was invited to attend a media event in Birmingham, Alabama (not to be confused with the Birminghams of Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, or even New Jersey for that matter). Due to a media embargo, I cannot say much about any of the Who-What-When-Where-Why-How’s of the trip until after July 1. In the meantime, though, I do have permission to share a few photos that don’t really mean anything to anybody but me and maybe certain members of our extended family … and maybe even that really awesome Twitter follower who is my biggest fan. So yeah, this is a post about nothing!

— 2 —

While en route from Des Moines through Charlotte then on to Birmingham, I received a text from Joel with the attached photo.

United States Map - 2

 Random thoughts …

  1. Even though Wisconsin and Michigan look like oven mitts, my husband has some rad free-hand skills.
  2. Lucy has such pretty hair!
  3. What happened to Minnesota, the Dakotas, and the entire New England seaboard? Is this how the South rises to power again — just leave northern states off the map? Historical revisionism at its finest.
  4. Because we are dipping our toes into homeschooling this year, promise me when the Feds come knocking on your door as a reference check on our abilities to homeschool, you never saw this photo. N-E-V-E-R! Got it?! 

— 3 —

Ignatius Press fan girl here with Tony Ryan, marketing director, and Mark Brumley, president/CEO. Nope, my secret spy trip to Birmingham has NOTHING to do with me being published by them. Ha ha ha — but so nice of you to think so! In all seriousness, I highly enjoyed meeting these guys; what a treat! Ignatius Press is in terrific hands. What a fine, fine company and resource for us all.

Me with Ignatius Press guys

— 4 —

Guess who else I met? Rachel Balducci!

Rachel Balducci with Harley guysRachel is as every bit charming, southern, lovely, pretty, down-to-earth, smart, and friendly as comes across in her writing at Catholic Digest and Testosterhome. Rachel is also the co-host of The Gist on, and here she is interviewing a bunch of Harley guys for the show. Hmmm, a Catholic media event with Harley riders? Curious yet?

— 5 —

And then there’s this. Nope, that’s not me on the chopper, just someone to remain nameless. (HINT: she is a dear friend and mentor who also runs the popular website!)

Lisa Hendey on Harley

— 6 —

The crew on set at this secret spy thingy had ready access to a masseuse and chiropractor. Oh the high life! I must make similar signs and post them around Das Schmidt Haus. “MOM Only. This way to your massage!” Not sure who will give me one or the quality, but just planting the seed might inspire others to take up giving me random massages. Can’t hurt, right?

Crew Only

— 7 —

Finally, I think I discovered my favorite airport — Charlotte Douglas International in North Carolina. 

Rocking Chairs at Charlotte Airport

Not only impressed with rows and rows of intentionally placed rocking chairs (read more: The Sacredness of a Rocking Chair), I was floored by the customer service received, in all places, the restroom. As I entered, a female janitor cheerfully greeted me while cleaning and freshening the stalls after each use. And she was so friendly while doing it all! That woman showed me a thing or two about joyful service to others. God love her!

~ ~ ~ 

Hopefully I’ve shared enough to leave you wanting to know more, yet not reveal so much that I get trouble and never be invited back to events like this. Have a great weekend, y’all (I came back with an accent). For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary.

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      Finally found your comment on the backend. Thanks for the hair compliment – it was so humid down there that I let my hair do what it will. Thinking I will just put that into practice everyday and stop trying so dang hard.

  1. says

    The running joke between my husband and myself is the need to travel through Charlotte to go anywhere. My sister lives in that area and when we were all headed to Charleston SC, my mom would call us for status updates and would always ask when we would go through Charlotte, what time would we be in Charlotte, etc. It didn’t matter that we showed her on the map that going through Charlotte was THREE hours out of our way, she was still convinced we needed to go through it.


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