Why I Love My Wife, Birthday Edition

Let the love-fest continue; I’m at it again.

Why I Love My WifeWhat good would this platform be, if I didn’t occasionally use it to honor my beautiful wife Lisa? Awhile back, I presented five reasons Why I Love My Wife. In honor of her birthday today, here are five more.

  1. Lisa is my best friend. No matter what I’m doing, I’d rather be doing it with her. What is my favorite time of the day? When Lisa wakes up, because my life is just a little out-of-order until she does. That being said, hopefully she’ll sleep in until I get this published.
  2. Lisa takes initiative. Buy a house? Lisa’s idea. Get a dog? Lisa’s idea. Put in a garden? Lisa’s idea. Practice natural family planning? Lisa’s idea. Start a blog? Lisa’s idea. Run a half-marathon? Lisa’s idea. Go on pilgrimage to Rome and Greece? Lisa’s idea. Rearrange our house to make space for a prayer room? Lisa’s idea. You get the idea. There’s a lot we would never have done, big and small, if not for her initiative.
  3. Lisa outdoes me in kindness. Some time ago, I heard Fr. John Riccardo talk about how married couples should seek to outdo each other in kindness, not out of a desire to “keep score” but simply out of a desire to serve each other in love. Not long ago, I planned a “Mother’s Sabbath” for Lisa with a few of her friends. So, what did she do for Father’s Day? Under the auspices of Date Night, she planned to send me and a bunch of my friends on a surprise outing to a baseball game, complete with private box. She treats me so well, it really is hard to keep up.
  4. Lisa suffers well. Part of this is simply the nature of being married to me, but that’s not my point. You think being pregnant with a 10.5-pound baby and pinched sciatic nerve while wrangling an energetic three-year-old is easy? Neither do I, but it looks easy when Lisa does it. What about keeping up with the demands of deacon formation and it’s wives-do-everything-husbands-do requirements? I was ready to quit several months ago, and she talked me out of it. Not just the big stuff, but also in little ways every day, Lisa brushes aside her comfort for the well-being of our family. She does this all while making meals for the families who’ve just had babies or a batch of cookies for the elderly friend. Lisa thinks of herself last.
  5. My beautiful wife


    Lisa is beautiful, inside and out. Not only is my lovely wife stunning, but she really has an eye and heart for beauty. She shuns ugliness in so many forms (immodesty, vulgar language, poor manners, gossip, gratuitously violent or crude TV and movies, etc.) where the world around us embraces it. She strives to fill our home with sacred art. She appreciates true beauty in others, too. I’ve never known someone who is so inherently good at lifting up other people. It’s beautiful to see.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! You truly are a beautiful gift from God, and I love you more every day!

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  1. says

    What a beautiful message. All this could be said about my amazing wife, April Sigmon Harte, as well. I certainly can´t say it nearly as well as you but its none the less true. Thanks for your incredible ministry and happy birthday to Lisa.

  2. says

    I’d like to add my own:
    Lisa’s got style.

    I think that can stand on it’s own because anyone who has met you knows it’s true.

    You do.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. says

    Thank you, love! Although I’m not so sure the dog was my brightest initiative! But this is a terrific, awesome, over-the-top gift. Thank you for brightening my day!

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