Friday Funnies | June 28, 2013

— 1 —

Whodathunk to put a mouthwash station in the restroom? Thanks, Chix-fil-A!

Mouthwash at Chix-fil-A

— 2 —

There was quite the friendly brouhaha on Twitter several months back when Patrick Madrid tweeted the following.

Patrick Madrid Tweet about Cussing

Well here you go, cursin’ Catholic women — 101 cuss words that would probably receive the ‘Patrick Madrid Approved’ seal. 

— 3 —

I wouldn’t want to be a Discovery Channel intern handling all the hate mail that’s surely coming in thanks to the “poor and ethical treatment” of Snuffy the Seal. (But thanks for the laughs, Discovery!)

— 4 —

Do you know the world’s largest [concrete] gnome takes up residence in Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University? True fact, at least according to the sign. 


I celebrated my birthday earlier this week (37!), and we took a family road trip to our former stomping grounds — Ames and Iowa State University. We went to Reiman Gardens, a large public garden with a butterfly wing, lush, blooming plants and beautiful landscapes. One would think I could have found a better backdrop to snap a photo of the family, but nope, the giant gnome took the cake.

Gnome 2

— 5 —

This isn’t so much a Friday funny as it is a practical tip for those who don’t have real estate to plant a garden  — a tomato plant growing in an angel food cake pan. Pretty cool!

Tomato Plant in Angel Food Cake Pan

— 6 —

I’m feeling the color for my 37th year of life is OPI’s “Can’t Find My Czechbook.” Why?

  1. I’m half-Bohemian.
  2. I often can’t find my checkbook.
  3. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness — gonna need that this year.
  4. Blue is thought to suppress appetite — gonna need that this year.
  5. Light blue is associated with health and healing, understanding and softness — gonna need that this year.
  6. Blue, the color of humanity, as opposed to red representing divinity, is our Blessed Mother Mary’s color — I’m gonna need HER this year! 

OPI - Can't Find my Czechbook

— 7 —

With the exciting news that Paul Giamatti will join the cast of Downton Abbey this next season, I had a craving of sorts to watch one of his best movies, Sideways (those darn pregnancy cravings!). So Joel ventured off to the movie store. Not only did he come back with Sideways, given the store had a BOGO promotion, he came back with Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell.


Joel thought he couldn’t go wrong with Will Ferrell. After watching it, he admits he was clearly SEMI-WRONG! 

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