Pregnancy/Infant Loss Healing Retreat

Several months ago, Joel and I were put into contact with RyAnne Carr, a Catholic wife, mom, and Peoria, IL citizen who understands well the pain of pregnancy loss. She has developed a ministry for others experiencing a pregnancy or infant loss, and now together with her husband, RyAnne has organized A Mother’s Love Couples Retreat for parents who have experienced a pregnancy, stillbirth, or early infant loss.

It’s a one-day retreat held at St. Philomena Catholic Church in Peoria on July 27, 2013. More details and registration info included in the graphic below.  

For many reading this, getting to Peoria is quite a jog for you. Two thoughts: one, sometimes getting out of your environment, away from the familiar and out of your comfort zone, is just the prescription required to open your heart. And I hear Peoria in July is fabulous. Two, a couple’s retreat is something Joel and I would like to see included in our budding pregnancy loss ministry here in Des Moines. Maybe it’s a ministry that could be implemented in your area, too? We are grateful to RyAnne for planting the seed and willingly sharing information with us. Please keep A Mother’s Love Couples Retreat in mind, and pray for the retreat and its participants.  

A Mother's Love Couples Retreat

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