Take 5 with Mark Brumley

I recently welcomed the opportunity to interview Ignatius Press president and CEO Mark Brumley. We spent most of our time discussing Pope Francis’s first and recently released encyclical, Lumen Fidei, The Light of Faith. Ignatius Press is slated to release the encyclical as a high-quality, hardcover, deluxe edition in August (details and pre-order information available here).

We only scratched the surface on Lumen Fidei and Pope Francis. In this fifteen-minute interview, I ask Mark the following five questions:

:30 — Take 1: What is an encyclical and why should the average practicing Catholic even care about it?

1:54 — Take 2: Were you able to get your hands on an early copy of the encyclical? What are your key takeaways from the document?

5:02 — Take 3: We’re all starting to get to know Pope Francis better. What does this encyclical tell us about who he is and what we might continue to expect from him?

8:08 — Take 4: In this digital age we live, when the encyclical is available for free via the Vatican’s website, even in printable PDF format, why even publish a print edition?

10:45 — Take 5: What other Ignatius Press coming attractions should we keep an eye out for?

* * *

I was struck by Mark’s multifaceted response to Question #4 — why even bother with print editions of such things like papal encyclicals. It was the following line that had me smiling and head-nodding: “We’re an incarnational people, and that involves the physicality of a book … there’s kind of a sacramentality to it that keeps us in touch with the physical dimension.”

Question: Which of Mark’s comments stood out for you?

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      Thank you, Brandon, especially considering you’re the one who planted the seed. I really enjoy facilitating these conversations via Skype and Mark is a pro-interviewee.

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