1. For the record, you look absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

    Secondly, I am pregnant right now, and I love your take on being charitable toward those who say insensitive things!!! This post is great!

    • Thanks, Michele! I appreciate the kind words and support of solidarity! Part of me thinks all the rude comments we pregnant women all too often hear just plays into the larger “baby-hating” mentality that permeates our culture. Blessings to you – hoping you are healthy and feeling well.

  2. Oh dear Lisa. Who cares if people think you are pregnant with more than one baby? There is nothing sinful or embarrassing about having a big mother-to-be belly but a tribute to God who is the author of LIFE! Thanks God for a big belly. It only means that your baby is alive and growing :)

  3. Kilty

    My midwife assures me that when you are short (especially 5’2″ short!) the baby has nowhere to grow but out! I often let the comments ruminate and make me angry, so this post is definitely right up my alley! But, it is good to have some prepared comebacks that are charitable and positive, like, “We are just so blessed to be bringing another life into the world”, even though I’d rather say something like, “What? I’m not even expecting!” (make them really uncomfortable), or ” Yes, and when are YOU due?” But, honestly, most of them are men who have no idea how unthoughtful it is to comment on a woman’s weight, especially when there is not much you can do about your size! It’s not like we can workout more and shrink! So, my dear husband will usually try and step in and say, very politely, “Didn’t your parents ever teach you not to comment on a woman’s age or weight?” and I’ll try and forget that I look like a whale… but thanks for the post! :) I think you look great!

    • Your charitable comments are good! I need to have one of those ready rather than just blankly staring at people. And God love Bryan. He has just a way with words, doesn’t he? And YOU look awesome. Can’t wait to meet your little one!

  4. Theresa A Ostendorf

    Hi Lisa, I had big babies.. the biggest was 10 ½ lbs. and almost 23″ long… and I’m 5’2″. I got Lots of comments on being big… but, I didn’t mind them at all.. because heck – I was! We actually had to change parishes when I was pregnant with our first child because (and this is true) I couldn’t move in the pews anymore! It was an old church built in the 1800’s… and kneeling was impossible. My charitable response back was, “Thank you!” because I Loved being obviously pregnant in this anti-life society.

  5. People are always saying rude, idiotic things. I got plenty of those comments when I was pregnant but mostly my bane is the “boy, you’ve sure got your hands full, don’t you?” variety that get to me. I got it again today and I wanted to pull out the Wolverine claws. Instead I smile tolerantly and refrain from saying anything at all…because if I look witchy, they’re just going to put another tick mark in the “it’s a bad thing to have 4 kids” category.

  6. Mike Brinker

    Lisa- great to see you and the fam sunday night at Jordan creek! For what its worth- from my vantage point I didn’t even notice your pregnant belly!

  7. Girl, you’re on a roll with the awesome posts.

    Sigh. My favorite time of being pregnant is before you’re showing — when it’s just a secret, and only you and your husband know. When I start to show, I feel like I’m wearing a giant sign that says, “Hey! Random rude stranger! Come and make some unwanted comment on my belly!”


    At work, the conversation would go like this ….
    Random Person: “Oh, you’re pregnant”
    me: Yup
    RP: “when are you due?”
    me: June
    RP: “Is this your first baby?”
    me: Nope. This is baby #5
    RP: “OMG! You’re crazy.”

    Phew. Next time around, I need to work on having a better ‘posture of my heart.’

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