1. Don’t forget the Billings Ovulation Method! http://www.thebillingsovulationmethod.org

    If NFP isn’t working, a different method can make all the difference. We had a terrible time with Creighton, but Billings worked quite well for us. Many women who have struggled with other methods find the hormone monitor in Marquette allows them to understand their fertility.

    Another common misconception is that couples have to do everything perfectly all at once. Couples who are used to contraception can be intimidated by the method, by the abstinence, and by Catholic teaching on sexuality. They see the NFP couple with all the kids and think that they could never do that (or would even want to do that).

    What I would say is to give NFP a try. Learn the method. Do what you can. It takes time to learn the method and it takes time to learn how to work the method into your marriage. You’ll find that (1) she will feel a lot better off the contraceptives and (2) the method will help you both develop good habits that will change your marriage.

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