• Remember when I said most of these posts I write here at the blog are written because I’m working through my own faults and sins? Oh yeah, this one of “wants” hits really close to home.

  1. I’m so glad we never used the excuse that we needed a bigger house first. We have been married almost five years and have been blessed with four beautiful children while living in a two bedroom home. Now, of course we would love to have a larger home, but until then we are open to God’s blessings!

  2. maria

    I am afraid I have to be 100% blunt and direct with you: there is no such thing as a God that forbids humans to use modern science in order to make their lives easier!

    While I totally understand religious people are concerned about living a life in harmony with the divine, I also believe you have totally misunderstood what is right and what is wrong, and also don’t have a clue about what sex really means.

    Sex is not supposed to be something animalistic, it is a form of communication and bond. It’s bonds two people who love each other. In other words, sex is not the bad thing your church has tough you.In fact it has a very spiritual side.

    Only the conception is animal related (you know, animals conceive as well, there is nothing special about conceiving), so unless the couple really wants a child, then it’s absolutely moral and normal for a couple to avoid conception.

    Natural family planning is not 100% effective, so if a woman is forbidden to have children due to medical threats, then she and her partner should try a modern contraceptive method or even sterilization. Vasectomy would be the easiest way.

    Why don’t you advocate vasectomy for couples who cannot have children because a pregnancy would be life- threatening? Do you really thing God cares about how much sperm a man produces daily? He would be a little bit narrow-minded and cruel, don’t you think?

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