1. “Contraceptive technology, precisely because of its impact on sexual intimacy, has subverted our understanding of the purpose of sexuality, fertility, marriage, and human relationships in general.”

    This is brilliant.

    When our parents were young, having a big family was something of which to be proud. Now? I feel like I have to defend our position almost constantly, even to our own parents, who had big families themselves! It’s mind boggling to me.

    Much of it goes back to being selfish, and in control. I’m astounded and wonder WHY people can’t see the progression from a contraceptive mentality to the decimation of our marriages and families.

    • Catholic Practicing NFP without 10 kids

      “Decimation of our marriages and families?” Good heavens!! Are you actually suggesting that Catholics with small families have decimated marriages and families? It is vitriolic language such as this that results in Catholics rolling their eyes at the Church’s teaching on sexuality when advocates contend that the failure to follow the Church’s teaching is a primary cause of the breakdown of the family. There are so few advocates for the method that are like me that I cannot stand to listen to them anymore. We used NFP but I have never once heard a speaker or couple advocate or teacher of the method that is anything like our family. Nor are they adoptive parents like us. I am a woman that has always worked full time in a very demanding career and am the primary financial support for the family. My husband works for a non-profit, but also works full time. We have two biological children and one who joined our family by adoption. The couples who teach the method are never like us. Indeed, I was raised in a family of nine children and my husband was raised in a family of seven children and both mothers worked full time. So the stay-at-home always excited to add another baby type of woman is just not like me. And the fact that I have only three children has nothing to do with abandoning NFP, and believe me, many of the NFP advocates have assumed so. No one in this conversation ever addresses the fact that your NFP badge is not ten children. It is faithful and loving adherance to the Church’s teaching.

      • Amy Luttrell

        Hi, Catholic Practicing NFP without 10 kids, I can relate a little bit to what you are saying. Is there any way we could talk privately? God bless.

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