1. Karey

    Thanks for sharing this series. In our early marriage,other than in our marriage prep class, we never heard anything about NFP from priests or other Catholics. I have heard people express disapproval when Deacon Condon promotes this aspect of the church’s teaching at mass, which I think is very unfortunate.

  2. independent_forever

    Like many, I grew up Catholic in the mid 60s and early 70s but NEVER did our church address this issue and even into high school and later young adult years…NOTHING was ever discussed about NFP and it does make me a bit saddened that I have been guilty of “the sin of irreverence to God” when I never meant to be. Unfortunately, my wife and I are into our 50s now and having children is out of the question simply from a practical standpoint….menopause will do that. We have a wonderful son and have been married 25+ years and going strong which makes knowing this information that much more confusing to say the least. It’s not an excuse but I just never knew and “you don’t know what you don’t know” and what is worse is that you have no way to inquire about something that you don’t know even exists. I have to believe that during all of these years God would have given us a sign or intervened IF we were truly blind to this solution…maybe not. I never once believed I was somehow superior to God in determining own procreative path. So to read some of these books not only makes me feel guiltier than ever but saddened that I sinned against God and never had the chance to make amends. I know God gives many chances but, in my mind, how can going to confession now erase all of this arrogance and irreverence I’ve been practicing all of these years just on this one area of my life—that doesn’t even count all of the other sins I knowingly or likely committed? God may forgive me but not sure I can forgive myself…doesn’t mean I don’t love life and or love God any less—just to be clear. Frankly, I don’t know how so many people get up each day and NOT want God in their lives…my hope is the Catholic church can enlighten more young people earlier in their lives. I can, at least, NOW discuss this with my own son and perhaps give him information that I never got. Maybe that is the sign from God…to open my eyes so that I can open my son’s eyes. Life is definitely “frustratingly beautiful” isn’t it :-)

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