Just who are these Practicing Catholics anyway?

Family-FunnyPlaqueAugust 12, 2013, marked the third anniversary of this blog. We’ve grown up a lot in three years time. Well, we’re three years older, anyway, and hopefully a bit wiser. When we started this little evangelization experiment, we had no idea what we were doing. Last summer we even gave a talk at the Catholic New Media Conference titled, “Starting a Blog Without a Clue.” And we truly didn’t have a clue. But alas, here we are. We’ve learned much and met a TON of great people across the globe.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest followers and formally introduce ourselves. Feel free to introduce yourself back in the comment box below or via the contact page here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Okay, so here goes.

Hi! We’re Joel and Lisa Schmidt. Here’s more about us than you probably want to know. Gold star if you get through all seven.

— 1 —

We ‘re just a couple of Catholics. Probably not all that different from you. Or maybe we are, we’ll see! We’ve been married for nine years and have two children with a third soon to arrive. Our goal is to manage the chaos of family life while keeping both our collective faith and sanity intact. Some days are easier than others. Oh, one more thing. We are unabashedly, faithfully, passionately Catholic. We do the best we can day by day. We don’t always get it right, (we often don’t, in fact) but we’re out there making the effort and hopefully learning from our mistakes. We’re not perfect; we’re practicing. Get it? We’re the Practicing Catholics!

— 2 —

We found in our local Catholic community (Des Moines, Iowa) that our peers, married couples with young children, were routinely coming to us with questions about what the Church teaches. Many times we would look at each other thinking, Why us? What the heck do we know? But still the questions came, so we started reading more and educating ourselves to answer them. We began to develop a sense that God was calling us to take part in the new evangelization in a specific way. Well, this blog is it! Accordingly, being a visible witness for faithful Catholicism in our local community was and is our primary goal.

— 3 —

In spite of our best efforts to not build a platform for ourselves, to some degree it’s become just that. We’re now also regular contributors at a few other sites and guest contributors at many others. Additionally over the last year we’ve been asked to give talks on topics such as evangelizing through social media, the importance of spiritual friendships, and healing from pregnancy and infant loss. We have just been picked up by CMG Booking and are now on their speaker’s circuit (disclaimer: our bio is a work in progress!). Speaking is a facet of our evangelistic ministry we look forward to growing, especially as it relates to building up Catholic marriages and families.

— 4 —

All that said, this is truly a hobby for us. Some men golf, others fish. Some women shop, others … shop. Some couples camp, others … well, we don’t even know what other couples do. As for us? We blog. About Catholic stuff. And enjoy it. Greatly.

— 5 —

Lisa here. A little more about me. I’m a former city administrator and now a full-time at-home mom. I’m still trying to figure out what that all means. But this I know: on any given day I’d rather be here at Das Schmidt Haus reading Goodnight Moon or Five Little Monkeys to my kids than dialoguing with a citizen about sewage backup, whether the plantings in a citizen’s right-of-way violate city code, or the proper storage placement for recycling toters. The coming year is shaping up to be quite interesting and entertaining as I’m taking the lead on homeschooling our five-year-old, birthing the one in womb, potty training the two-year-old, and supporting Joel as he finishes his last year of deacon formation. Speaking of Joel …

— 6 —

Joel here. A little more about me. I’m married to Lisa. That’s all you need to know. Okay, I give. I’m a Catholic convert, class of 2004, and a deacon-in-formation for the Diocese of Des Moines, scheduled for ordination next summer. You might say I’ve jumped into this Catholicism thing with both feet. I’m also a Ph.D. biochemist so I tend to overanalyze most everything. This coming year is shaping up to be an interesting one as I support Lisa in homeschooling, birthing, potty training, and supporting me in deacon formation.

— 7 —

We’ve spent three years writing about a hodgepodge of topics, trying to discern where the Holy Spirit is leading us. We’re slowly discovering that we’re most in the groove when we write about marriage and family life. That’s become our niche. We’re not Biblical scholars or theologians, but we live family life every day. We can write about that. Expect to see a targeted focus on marriage and family life topics in the coming year.


Gold star for you!

So enough about us. What are you doing here? Yeah, you. Feel free to introduce yourself back in the comment box below or via the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Congrats! Adding the diaconate to the life of the father of young kids seems like a lot on your plate. Is it a paying job where you live, or are you still going to have a “real job”?

  2. says

    Stopped by from Conversion Diary. What a lot going on! I’m glad you’re sharing what you’re finding. I used to live in the DSM area, so it’s close to my heart even though I’ve moved. I’m sure we probably have some mutual acquaintances in the local Catholic community there. Way to go on 3 years on the blog and finding new outlets for sharing your faith!

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