1. oneview

    This is a perfect description of my personality and it’s SO comforting to know that others have the same struggles (malls, big parties, yuck!) with their introversion :-)

  2. franciscanmom

    I too have perfected the Irish exit. Shame on the WSJ for trying to make me fit someplace where I will not. It’s taken me this long to figure out that I need to accept who I am and build on my strengths rather than try to turn into something I can never be.

  3. I read that article, too, and felt put upon when I was told to change myself to make others feel more comfortable. Sorry. Can´t do it. When I´ve tried, I feel like a fake. Thank you for a really good article.

  4. Lisa, I never would have guessed that you were an introvert. However, until very recently was aware that I am an introvert! So, there goes my ability to put people in their box. I keep retyping what I am trying to say to explain why it has been difficult for me to discern my true nature – and every time I do, it seems that it explains even more why I am more introverted than extroverted.

    What I LOVED about the Huffington Post article was the fact that they stated that being introverted does not mean that you are not a good leader. I love MCing events for large groups of people; I am not afraid to be in front of people; I am not afraid to lead. I do despise small talk and networking. I went to a COE event with all the ‘big wigs’ (personal invite from Arnold Mitchem), and I went late and found people I knew immediately and joined their ‘group.’ My skin was crawling the entire time.

    Anyway, maybe this is why we got along well as co-workers? We spoke each other’s heart language, when our heads didn’t yet understand.

  5. Yes, I am. I don´t want to be this way, it just seems to happen in every relationship I have, unless the other person reaches out, I do not like being this way, I don´t know why I am this way, I just am….maybe being an identical twin has something to do with it

  6. You ended up in good hands at the park- I think most of us are introverts, too! No alienating today! :) And I don´t know if this is another introvert thing, or just me, but I think I am most uncomfortable with any and all forms of public speaking. Worse than the mall! Thanks for this, Lisa!

  7. Dee

    Very nicely said. I just have one question for the writer of the Wall Street article, who says us introverts need to be happier? I’m a crazy happy girl who keeps it within my walls!

  8. Dorian Speed

    I keep trying to answer the questions on personality tests in such a way that I will finally be revealed to be an introvert but it appears to be hopeless. I do have people tell me I am shy (NO REALLY) when I am new to a group but then my take-overnness kicks in and probably everyone wishes I would stop dominating the conversation.

  9. Raymond

    most of us are introvert especially I always want to be alone or just quiet most of the time in discus with people who have the same vocation as I which is religious life.

  10. Wonderful article, I can see my daughter in every one of those, now, how do you get an introvert to work? She is 21 going on 22 in a month and has never worked a job. I have no idea how to help her.

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