1. I remember how it felt to not participate in those “first day of school” rituals. It felt good. :) Now it doesn´t even register with me, probably because my youngest is high school age. Lord, it is definitely good to be here.

  2. awwww ….. I love you, girl. Will it make you feel a little less stressed if I tell you that we haven’t started our homeschool year yet?? I’ve not felt up to the challenge.

    I’m taking notes on the Scotch. Brett loooooves the Islays, but I think it tastes like nasty wet leaves. (says a girl who loves bourbon) I think I’ll surprise him with one for Christmas.

  3. Andrew

    Thank God indeed for homeschooling in Iowa; I fear that it’s in Obama’s and/or the liberals’ (in general) sights. Lisa: thanks for your understanding of the men’s night out. Joel: looking spiffy in the suit and tie (a bowtie but literally tie nonetheless) and I realize how blessed I’ll be and how much fun it’ll be to serve as a brother deacon with you. Pax Christi

  4. Love it! If my husband ever needs a gift idea….like for a birthday that might be coming up next month….feel free to point him in the direction of that awesome mug! I remember those first days of school when we chose the different path as well. Now I REJOICE when those days are upon us and the buses wisk all the other kids away because we quite enjoy the silence. It was an aquired taste though, you’ll see. ;)

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