Prayers for Joel, please. Donald says, “It’s HUGE!”

We recently signed on with CMG Booking’s speaker circuit thinking, Who’ll ever hire us?! Less than a week later, Joel was requested to speak for the Legatus chapter of the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois). That talk is tonight and its theme is, drum roll, please:

The bioethical dilemmas for Catholics under the new healthcare laws (i.e., Obamacare). 

Whoa. Talk about an insanely complex topic. Or as Donald Trump would said, “It’s HUGE!”


Let me take this moment here on our digital plot of land to share how proud I am of Joel. I sat through his dress rehearsal last night, and Joel has pulled together an outstanding talk in one week’s time. It touches on biology, ethics, employment and insurance law, Church teaching, Church history, religious liberty, and more.

If you have a moment today, please whisper a prayer for Joel, specifically for clarity of mind, effectiveness of speech, and safe travels. I also pray for the men of the Quad Cities Legatus chapter, that they will be led to deeper contemplation about their role and responsibilities as Catholic businessmen in the public square.

And one last plug, if in need of a speaker on this topic, Joel just might fit the bill. Please keep him in mind.

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  1. says

    Thanks very much to all who offered prayers, advice, and input for my Quad Cities Legatus talk Tuesday evening. Inspired by the daily Mass gospel reading, I titled it, Weightier Things of the Law: Bioethical Dilemmas for Catholics Under PPACA. I believe it was very well received. It was a smaller group, most of whom were local business owners, so they’re wrestling with these issues, particularly the HHS mandate, right now. The Legatus regional development officer was in attendance, and seemed to be very pleased. We discussed potentially giving this talk to other Legatus chapters, so this may spawn a few more engagements.

    They have Bob Dolan booked for next month; he should offer a refreshing change of pace from such a heavy topic.

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