1. I love you and what you share so much. I never find the time to comment enough!! I will be praying for your successful VBAC!! You can do it!! Unfortunately most of modern medicine is scare tactics! My last 2 pregnancies were after the age of 35. I will be 39 in a few weeks. I didn’t even have an ultra sound with the last 2 pregnancies! 2 perfectly healthy normal babies. Pregnancy and labor is not a condition that needs to be managed and controlled by doctors. Patients have rights what can be done or not done to their bodies. It is called informed consent! Doctors have to suggest tests and let you know they are there. You have the right to refuse!! Yes that is right, you can refuse. It is kind of silly in my opinion to have any more ultrasounds. Trust me, labor will either end of in a C-section or vaginal birth. You might as well go in to the process optimistic about the vaginal birth. My gut says they will “find” something to “scare” you out of the vaginal birth. You are in control. Another thing, is there a hospital a little farther away that your doctor has full privileges at? I hate long drives in labor, but it might be worth having fewer headaches and a supportive labor environment.
    I have a labor day baby too!! My oldest will be 12!! Happy birthday to your little girl!!
    Also, as I began to prepare for homeschool your post about a domestic monastery has been resonating in my head! Over the summer I started to bring an ebb and flow to our day and it has made ALL difference. I’ve been meaning to write a post about it, but I have been so focused on our routine that I forgot to add in time for blogging!
    Have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy! Enjoy the miracle growing inside and spend lots of precious time with your family! God Bless

  2. Wow…just wow! That is my thoughts on your VBAC hassles. When I had mine, I did two things: provide a release for my c-section records & express my desire to attempt a VBAC. Done…no ultrasound no hassle. Praying this goes smoothly for you!

    Side note: Did Lucy receive our birthday package? Have fun celebrating your beautiful girl´s special day!

  3. Lisa, I completely understand your frustration re: the ultrasound. I only speak from experience when I say that the 20-week ultrasound allowed for some important findings we would’ve never known otherwise. And, it allowed us to make some important medical decisions that saved Luke’s life. I pray, pray, pray you breeze through it and that your witness to life, in whatever form it takes, will be a positive one for a staff that doesn’t often see it. God bless you as you hit the home stretch!

  4. God Bless This Soul, Lucy Ann, God Guide You In Truth and Always Always Protect You and Give you Wisdom to Live Out His Will<3 Happy happy bIRTHDAY, sWEET lOVE.yOU HAVE wONDERFUL!! PARENTS.TRUST THEY ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART!

  5. We didn’t do the early ultrasound & bloodwork until after Julianna came around; then we needed to have a bit of reassurance just so we didn’t worry the whole time. It’s so hard to know when to come in with guns blazing and when to be the gentle candle flame.

  6. Amen! My Grandmother had this print on her kitchen wall, I love this picture! I´ve rememberred this pic often, since I became a farmer´s wife myself and I know, what hard work means – even on a modern farm. It´s very important, not to forget praying, even though the days are busy and very long. It´s important to find those little moments and dedicate them to prayer.

  7. We pray each day for blessings from our Savior, Jesus Christ. Christ was taught to love, to care, and to share his life as he taught us about God. Jesus labored Greatly, all through his life, and finally gave his life for our sins so we shall be saved. ” He that believes in me, shall not parish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

  8. I love Kathleen’s comment about a gentle candle flame. I think that’s your best approach. After all, I know you and Joel have big guns you can pull out if you need to.

    Luckily, I haven’t experience any negativity in the OB/GYN world. My OB was thrilled to see me check in for baby #6, just making the comment, “I hope you let me catch this baby!”

    We always opt out of the blood draws like the quad screen and all, but I usually opt in for the Level II U/S. I didn’t have a good experience with Maeve, as the tech mentioned some soft markers for Down Syndrome, while the OB that repeated the test mentioned nothing. ARGH!

    I’ll make my mind up as it gets closer. You can always refuse, or are they refusing to see you if you don’t get the US?

    I’m offended for you — simply because this kind of contraceptive mentality breaks my heart. You just keep on doing what you’re doing — be a living witness, and pray that her heart is softened. Love you.

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