Pope Gregory the Great and Cherry Cravings

Basket of CherriesToday the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Gregory the Great, pope and doctor of the Church. While researching and reading about him, I came across this amusing story about his cherry cravings.

Legend has it that on St. Mark’s Feast Day, St. Gregory the Great, when he was the pope, suddenly had a great craving for cherries. The servants and gardeners were puzzled at what to do, since the cherry trees, which were plentiful, were just in bloom. As the legend goes, one gardener, in search of cherries, was visited by St. Mark in a cloud of fire, and asked why he was in such a state. When St. Mark heard the story about Pope Gregory, he gave a blessing upon one cherry tree, and it was suddenly covered with ripe, red cherries. In gratitude, it is said that the pope “wolfed down a bellyful.”

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I find this story entertaining on several levels, the prime being that cherries has really been the only food item I’ve craved during this pregnancy. I can wolf down a bellyful of ‘em, too. Who knew I had so much in common with Pope Gregory the Great? Should this babe be a boy, might Gregory now be in the name-game running? Time will tell.

Now I’m off to go find me some cherries.

St. Gregory the Great, pray for us!

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      Sweet cherries! Going to the grocery store and shopping the produce aisle first was a near occasion of sin a couple of weeks back. I would pick up a bag of ‘em and want to eat them as I shopped the rest of the aisles! Hold up girl – gotta pay for these first! (And wash them). :)

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