1. Lovely post! My sweet grandma always exempts new moms from thank you notes. Even in her 90s she remembers the new-mom fog, and says that part of her gift is not adding to an already overwhelming to do list. That sweetness usually makes me MORE eager to write her a note!

  2. Great reminder to get back into the groove of writing those. I seem to have lost my touch over the last year after writing so many after we had Sophia. No excuses, just thanks for inspiring me to take the time again.

  3. Marilyn Schmidt

    Great article, Lisa. I believe in thank you notes and made my kids write them. I think that gratefulness is taught by parents.But with technology, I know that the handwritten note is rare these days. When I send a gift (usually a check or gift card in with a birthday card), I will accept a thank you in the form of an e-mail, phone call, or text. I am happy with that. However, I get disheartened when I get no thank you at all. Letters are a treasure, too. I remember getting a letter from a neighbor lady when I graduated from high school. She said that she watched me grow up and walk into church every Sunday, told me that I was beautiful, and wished me well. This letter really touched me and I never forgot it.

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