The Lost Art of the Handwritten Thank You Note

Handwritten Thank You Notes

Over the past few weeks, I have received what I consider rare treasures — beautiful handwritten thank you notes from a few family members and friends. These notes got me thinking about the value of a handwritten thank you note and inspired my latest column at, The Lost Art of the Handwritten Thank You Note. Head on over here to read the post.  

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  • I agree receiving a handwritten note is a treasure.

  • Lisa and Kilty-Bryan do this beautifully!

  • Lovely post! My sweet grandma always exempts new moms from thank you notes. Even in her 90s she remembers the new-mom fog, and says that part of her gift is not adding to an already overwhelming to do list. That sweetness usually makes me MORE eager to write her a note!

  • Great reminder to get back into the groove of writing those. I seem to have lost my touch over the last year after writing so many after we had Sophia. No excuses, just thanks for inspiring me to take the time again.

  • I still receive hand written thank you notes from people. Maybe I just hang around with the right bunch. :)

  • Marilyn Schmidt

    Great article, Lisa. I believe in thank you notes and made my kids write them. I think that gratefulness is taught by parents.But with technology, I know that the handwritten note is rare these days. When I send a gift (usually a check or gift card in with a birthday card), I will accept a thank you in the form of an e-mail, phone call, or text. I am happy with that. However, I get disheartened when I get no thank you at all. Letters are a treasure, too. I remember getting a letter from a neighbor lady when I graduated from high school. She said that she watched me grow up and walk into church every Sunday, told me that I was beautiful, and wished me well. This letter really touched me and I never forgot it.

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