1. This is one of my new favorite posts that I am bookmarking right into my Homeschool folder! I hope your school year is off to a good start, and I look forward to hearing more about it and learning from you!

  2. Slow down girlfriend! We need to chat, soon. ;) I remember that first year stress-that I put on myself, very well thank you. The most important thing I have learned since then is that we are raising disciples, not Einsteins. When I learned to keep that goal #1, the academics all fell into place.

    Fast forward 5 years into this journey and here we are today, our day off from lessons(we do a 4-day week T-F), listening to the kids reading field guides to figure out what kind of crickets they found this morning and what they need to feed them if they want to keep them alive long enough to show their cousins later. I haven’t taught a single thing to them but they have learned so much already today, before 10:00am!

    Love you ,friend!

  3. Jenny

    As a mom who is returning to homeschooling after a 2 year break, I really enjoyed this! Thanks for reminding me about what is important and for a much needed chuckle! My only question is in#10: are you saying that we shouldn’t get up with our husbands or that wearing dresses is bad? I hope not!

    • Hi Jenny! Thanks for your message. Re: your question: If you follow my “satire logic” that would be what I’m poorly proposing, huh? Here’s the thing. I’ve hit that point in late pregnancy where it’s just hard to get comfortable and have a good night’s rest. I’m tired. So tired. And as much I want to be able to rise with my husband and pray with him (it was actually a discipline I was working toward several months ago) I can’t beat myself up for the days when I simply need to give myself a little break in favor of a little more sleep. It sets me up to be better for my kids come mid-day when “witching hour” hits and my nerves are shot. I just have these lingering “shoulda, coulda” guilty feelings that don’t help with all the other stuff going on.

      And the dresses/skirt thing … I absolutely love wearing them! I just don’t have much that fits right now so I just need to give myself a little break for a few more weeks.

      Thanks for asking the question so I could clarify.

      • Jenny

        Oh Lisa! I get it!! And, I get it because I have been/am in your shoes!! I am NOT a morning person and with 6 children in 9 years, I’ve not been good at rising early with my husband! I am currently struggling with getting up at 5:30/6:00am to start my homeschooling day and the earliest I have been able to do is 6:30 and I’m not even pregnant! I think my husband has given up on me! I’m sorry too if I gave the impression that we need to be skirts/dresses only. That certaintly isn’t the case for me. While I find that skirts/dresses are more comfortable for me, I still have some shorts and jeans in my closet.

        Thanks again for a great piece! I really did love it! I’m sorry for the misunderstanding!

  4. Andrew

    Know of my prayers for y’all all around, regardless of the issue. That said, admittedly the only item to which I can relate is #3. Personally I’m about ready to ditch coffee after getting a water pitcher with a filter that fits in the door of my mini-fridge at seminary. It sounds corny, but the water really does taste better and I feel better (at least physically) after a cup of it (plus it’s ultimately cheaper). More importantly of course is prayer, which is my chance to dump my concerns on God as well as reflect on the Mass readings for the day, trusting in the wisdom of the Church and what is needed for the given day. Furthermore, praying the Psalms in the Liturgy of the Hours is tremendously helpful as they’re versatile; sometimes I find myself laughing at them because they describe exactly how I feel.

  5. Perfect timing for me to read this! Just completed my first week and I am exhausted!! I needed the laugh! Actually I don’t laugh enough and need to find a way to be less serious. I am always trying to fit it in. Thank you!!

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