1. Kelly S

    Love the 7 Quick Takes: Glad to hear that your Grandma is doing better! Congratulations to Sarah…how fun that you are both pregnant together! Oh the fun of predicting genders…I believe that the Chinese Gender Predictor was accurate for both of my girls, but it was wrong about Owen. (We had a really great girl name picked out for him, too!) Thinking of you often as you near the end of this pregnancy and looking forward to meeting my new niece/nephew!

  2. My mom was 24 when I was born… her first child. She was gaining a bit too much weight, according to the doc, and he asked if she smoked. Everybody smoked back in the 50´s. She said “Yes.” He told her to smoke more to keep her weight in check.
    I´m very happy to hear good news about your grandmother! Happy nesting to you!

  3. Glad to hear your grandma is doing better. :)

    That gift idea (suckers + prayers) is fabulous. Definitely going to use that for inspiration this upcoming holiday season.

  4. Gender predictions were 2 out of 3 correct for us. My God-motherly instinct said “he” or “him” to you as well.

    Sucker prayer bouquet–fabulous idea! Must have been from someone who really loves you guys! ;)

  5. People were so convinced that they knew whether I was having a boy or a girl, and half of them were always wrong. :) Amazing how that works.

    I linked you in my Sunday Snippets post this week–we’re sharing blogs we like to read. You guys might enjoy joining! You know, something to keep you occupied in those long, leisurely days where there’s nothing to do but nurse a new baby…. (HA!)

  6. I’ll have to head over and see if the gender predictor is accurate. I also need to read that article about post natal care. And how absolutely sweet of your gandma to have a prayer routine that includes pregnant women. Many blessings to you both!

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