7 Quick Takes: Health Updates, Predictions, and a Special Mass

— 1 —

First, an update on my Grandma Mary Ann (Gigi). Thanks for all your prayers, friends. Great news. She’s doing well. The doctors upgraded her condition from grave to serious, skipping over critical. She’s been moved out of ICU and has even been allowed to get up and out of bed. She is eating, looking pretty good, and able to visit with family coherently.

My mom told me grandma was anxious to get her prayer books from home and get back to her daily prayer routine. She has a special prayer she says each morning for pregnant women. My sister and I are both expecting, and grandma told me she wants to stick around to meet a few more great-grandchildren. Sounds like a plan to me!

— 2 —

Speaking of grandmas and pregnancies and births, I read this fascinating post, “Birth in the 1950s and 60s: Interview with My Grandmother” over at Mothering.com earlier this week. The piece provides an interesting look into American pre/postnatal care a half-century ago. Now I’m really anxious to go visit my grandma again soon and “interview” her about her experiences!

So many insights in the Mothering.com post, but I really enjoyed this story.

She called her obstetrician to tell him she was in labor and he advised her not to eat or drink anything except for clear liquids. She had a martini. When she arrived at the hospital the doctor seemed surprised about the martini but said it had done no harm, and it actually probably relaxed her.

Hmmm, never thought of ordering up a martini from Bartender Joel once the contractions pick up, but this anecdote is convincing.

— 3 —

I’m curious how accurate this Chinese Gender Predictor works for you. You can enter info from past pregnancies to gauge its accuracy. For me, it’s spot on. So I’m 100% confident that when the results show BOY for this one, it will be either a boy or girl.

Nearly everyone who looks at the way I’m carrying predicts boy. Two doctors casually said “he” while looking at my ultrasound stats. All the other wives’ tales suggest boy as well. So when Joel asked if he should pull out all the baby blue stuff from storage, I gave him the go-ahead. Now if it’s a girl, I will be deliriously happy because we have a rockin’ name picked out and Lucy has been fiercely praying for a little sister. If it’s a boy, I will be equally delirious. (Wait … that didn’t come out right and that’s NOT what I meant!)

Anyway, go check out the gender predictor and let me know how accurate it is for you.

Chinese Gender Predictor

— 4 —

Regardless of Lucy saying “Mom, I just can’t take care of another boy baby! I just can’t!,” I know she’ll love him to pieces. I’m keeping these two photos handy as a reminder of how skeptical she was the first day she met Jude, but then by Day 2, she loved him to pieces.

Day 1: I’ll give you a half-smile but just don’t make me sit too close to him.

Lucy and Jude - Day 1

Day 2 (and forever since): I love him so much I’m going to smother him all day long!

Lucy and Jude - Day 2

— 5 —

Passing along a super cute gift idea — a sucker prayer bouquet! Low cost but talk about a return on an investment, folks! Friends gave this to Lucy for her fifth birthday, and we are enjoying reading the prayers offered up for her and our family. Prayers like:

  • I prayed 5 Hail Marys in thanksgiving for each year of your life!
  • I will fast for purity of your heart, mind, body, and soul on the first Friday of September.
  • Today I will pray to St. Michael the Archangel FIVE times to protect you from all evil. 

Sucker Prayer Bouquet

Sucker Prayer Bouquet

— 6 —

On to a more serious topic now. Our diocese’s semi-annual Pregnancy and Infant Loss Mass is scheduled for Monday, November 4, 7:00 PM at Holy Trinity Catholic Church (2926 Beaver Avenue, Des Moines). Bishop Pates will once again celebrate the Mass; priests are invited to concelebrate.

Angel of Hope

Angel of Hope, Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines

** Download a printable flyer here: Infant Loss Mass – Des Moines.

Joel and I are pleased to continue working with the Diocese of Des Moines Marriage and Family Life Office to offer this healing opportunity for those who have lost children in the womb.  Many have been made by society to feel that a life lived only in the womb is no life at all, and the only thing to mourn is the loss of expectation. But the wisdom of the Church tells a different story. The value of a person is bound not by what they can do but rather by who they are. Every life, from the point of conception, has the dignity of being a beloved Child of God and impacts the world in countless ways we can never truly know. These are lives to be mourned when they are lost and celebrated when they are remembered, just like any other.  This is why celebrating this Mass is so important.

 Local friends, please share far and wide.

— 7 —

At my appointment this week the OBGYN mentioned, “Now if your water breaks …,” so I’m taking that as a sign I better start getting out and laundering the onesies … or something. I’m so grateful for an open calendar this weekend allowing for some major nesting to occur. Blessings to your weekend, nesting or not!

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  1. Kelly S says

    Love the 7 Quick Takes: Glad to hear that your Grandma is doing better! Congratulations to Sarah…how fun that you are both pregnant together! Oh the fun of predicting genders…I believe that the Chinese Gender Predictor was accurate for both of my girls, but it was wrong about Owen. (We had a really great girl name picked out for him, too!) Thinking of you often as you near the end of this pregnancy and looking forward to meeting my new niece/nephew!

  2. says

    My mom was 24 when I was born… her first child. She was gaining a bit too much weight, according to the doc, and he asked if she smoked. Everybody smoked back in the 50´s. She said “Yes.” He told her to smoke more to keep her weight in check.
    I´m very happy to hear good news about your grandmother! Happy nesting to you!

  3. says

    Glad to hear your grandma is doing better. :)

    That gift idea (suckers + prayers) is fabulous. Definitely going to use that for inspiration this upcoming holiday season.

  4. says

    Gender predictions were 2 out of 3 correct for us. My God-motherly instinct said “he” or “him” to you as well.

    Sucker prayer bouquet–fabulous idea! Must have been from someone who really loves you guys! ;)

  5. says

    People were so convinced that they knew whether I was having a boy or a girl, and half of them were always wrong. :) Amazing how that works.

    I linked you in my Sunday Snippets post this week–we’re sharing blogs we like to read. You guys might enjoy joining! You know, something to keep you occupied in those long, leisurely days where there’s nothing to do but nurse a new baby…. (HA!)

  6. says

    I’ll have to head over and see if the gender predictor is accurate. I also need to read that article about post natal care. And how absolutely sweet of your gandma to have a prayer routine that includes pregnant women. Many blessings to you both!

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