1. Susan Clark

    Lisa – I love your idea and will join you in creating my own list of worries to offer up to God. Thanks for pointing out that worry distracts us from our focus on Christ. We can all learn from Padre Pio’s gentle, humble and faithful ways.

  2. Earnestine Smith

    I need prayer because my grandchild had here baby and we help raise the baby and now she want to move back to the house where she left from the house is not fit to live in and i just don’t feel right by my great grand baby living there he always get sick and then we have to take him to doctor but I don’t know what to do leave it along or do something about it I know she love that hose but all the drugs and things they are doing is not good father please help me I need you to show me what to do can you give me a sign please I know some one gonna report them to cps real soon but I really don’t know what to do in need of help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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