1. Well said Lisa, just beautiful. Even though I envisioned the two of us growing old together and sharing many more things in the future, I thank God for what we had in the years we were given, most importantly a loving family.

  2. Humbling personally to reflect on what you wrote about what we should be doing on a daily basis in our faith walk. Then to tie it in remember what an amazing man Uncle Lenny was…. Thank you.

  3. Julie Nelson

    Lisa, you have been on my mind strongly today. I have come to know steady thoughts to be a signal from the Holy Spirit and I prayed for you. Now I know why. Beautiful tribute and legacy to your father. God bless you!

    • Hey, if you get those thoughts again in the coming days, maybe it means labor is quickly nearing? Give me a heads up — I’ll do a load of laundry or something! :) Thanks for the message and kind words.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, it is so heartwarming. I have no doubt your dad is smiling down on you and is so proud of the life you are making.

    I try, try, try, to do the little, ordinary, everyday things with love. Thanks for encouraging me.

    Much love, my dear friend. Looking forward to meeting baby #3 very soon!

    • Well the encouragement flows right back to you, friend. Thanks for your constant, loving, and encouraging prayers!! Thanks for the note. Hope to be sharing good news sooner than later!

  5. This is so beautiful, Lisa. Thank you so much for your reflection. I am so thankful for your presence in my life – and to have met your dad a couple of times (the first time was at the concert you put on at the Union – remember that??).

    I really appreciated your connection of your dad to St. Therese. It helps her seem more ‘human’ and accessible to me. In a conversation with Dan last week, I said, “I’m mad at St. Therese. She’s so perfect and ‘did everything in love’ – and every day I keep getting mad after praying her novena about dumb things – and I just can’t do everything in love!”

    • She can be a tough saint, can’t she? I grumble all too often at “having” to complete the small things. I pray my heart is softening in this regard. Thanks for your lovely note. And oh man, the Union?! I didn’t even remember until you mentioned it. Thanks for sharing the memory.

  6. Marilyn Schmidt

    Beautiful article, Lisa. Your Dad was such a good man, and we were so happy to have met him. He was so friendly, and we had interesting conversations with him.We miss him when we are at your place. The fact that you miss him so much shows what a participating father he was. What a blessing for your whole family!

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