1. I have an older version of this and it´s WONDERFUL! In the beginning the authors give busy mom´s an “out” that if they skip some days it´s OK. It´s there as a help not something else to feel guilty about :) It´s a quick way to refocus your thoughts for the day. This busy mother of 3 boys recommends it!

  2. I love the books that are being offered. They’ve been sitting on my wish list for a while. No matter what happens, I know that these books will eventually end up on my nightstand.

  3. Christina

    I have been wanting to read this for a while and just when my husband decided to buy it for me it went out of print. So if I don’t win it he is going to buy it for me for Christmas.

  4. lyn

    Teaching religious ed to 9 yr. olds this year for the first time. I would love to share the library with the parents of my class.

  5. Beth

    I started crying when you were describing you life. Sounds like mine minus a few things and few things added in. Just need more balance.

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