1. Great interview! The outtakes are the best. Hmm, makes me wonder what was left on the cutting room floor. This interview also makes me wish I could find a single, Catholic guy like Lino in my neck of the woods. Too bad he’s all the way out there in New York.

  2. David Hamilton

    Very nice site… I found y’all round about while i was getting admissions information for my daughter at the College of Saint Mary Magdalen, who do thier Rome semister divided between Rome and Norcia at Monastero di San Benedetto, which had an article on Celebrating International Beer Day, Monk Style by you… Guess I was meant to find ya… We are kinda out of the same mold, wife being a cradle catholic and me being 10 years in the Faith, homeschooling, etc… God Bless and we will keep watching…

  3. Michelle F.

    I loved your interview with Lino and I’m so happy I won the book! Thank you guys! You have no idea what this means to me.

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