1. statue of Mary and daughter Mary, St J***E**´s AMerican Bible (same as one we use in church) along with Catholic answers bible marked for Catholic evangelization, many catholic books regarding foundations in faith, catholic marriage and catholic family, CRUCIIX in Plain site where we eat meals blos kiss to the crucifix after say Grace before maels-Holy water font at the front door<3 <3 <3

  2. Among my heirlooms are my Irish great-grandfather’s 1800s ebony rosary, my grandmother’s silver rosary, and my 87 year old mother’s miniature rosary and metal box. My love of these family rosaries led me to research the many types of rosaries that are approved by the Catholic Church and used throughout the world. My mother and I used our research to write a book that was published by Schiffer Publishing, The Rosary Collector’s Guide.

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