1. I didn’t even read your post, only the title and the opening lines, before my conscience smote me and sent me downstairs to work a puzzle and build a block tower for the toddler to knock down. I must do more of this. Looking forward to your series.

  2. This topic has been on my heart as well. Now that we have settled into a routine with the school year/daycare child’s schedule I am trying to make time each afternoon to just PLAY with my kids. I often get such tunnel vision toward the things that need/should be done that I forget to just take time to BE with my kids. But when I do remember, it feel so great and so right. Those are the times that memories are made. Thanks for helping me get back on track too. Looking forward to more ideas!

  3. Grandama

    My children are 30 and 37 now and I STILL “waste” time with them. They both live in other areas of the east. One a couple house away and the other a couple states away. I skype and am on the phone with them every day just talking about “stuff” – some important, some funny, some serious, some advice (which goes both ways – from and to me). I know they are checking to be sure I’m OK and I love that. I call them too to make sure they are OK. I live by myself and sometimes it’s not “convenient” when they call but I LOVE that they do! It does my heart so much good. I love to share the silly things my grandson says, I love to hear how college is going, we share advice about frustrations and cooking. They both have their very different personalities and interests so it gives me a variety of topics to talk about during the day. I have ALWAYS told them – very seriously – they can call me ANYTIME day or night (I want to be there for them).

    Those of us in my age group (around 70) MUST realize we are still teaching our children HOW – to be “single again”, to be past 40, to be involved in church, to understand and be charitable with others, to be a grandparent, and how to be OK by yourself – should they ever need that too.

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