1. Love, love, love! I had no idea Lewis penned that quote already! I always think/say something along the lines of “I’m too busy living this life to document it all.” Or “There’s a lot of life to live and not enough time to take notes!” Now I guess I’ll have to give him his due props.

    Looking forward to Sunday!

  2. So sweet to hear her birth went so well. A true blessing. God was looking out for you and baby Lydia. Love this way of sharing your story. The pictures are great and say so much! 9 lbs 9oz. Wow! Kudos to you (and Cristin!) My son is a middle between two sisters. It’s a real trip for him but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He and Jude can share stories one day! Rest, take care, say hi to Joel and give those babies a hug for me.

  3. Oh, Lisa! I love this post. Perhaps I’m a wee bit hormonal, but this made me tear up.

    Congratulations on your beautiful, beautiful family. Now I’m anticipating March that much more.

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